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Sometimes I'm doing weird stuff. Yes, it is a blow dryer in the background. I'm running Python benchmarks. Explains everything - right? 😃

Because I care about this stuff, I think the new Gnome theme looks nice.

Gnome Web specifically is shaping up to be a pretty good browser with recent updates to webkit-gtk and the new theme.

Little sad that these changes will not make it to Epiphany on elementary. There really aren't very good options for browsers that blend into elementary and work nicely. (using qutebrowser right now)

Nuclear war: *happens*
The government: *survives*
The government: *accomplishes things*
Everyone who has ever consumed any post-apocalyptic fiction: Huh, didn't expect that.

Minetest 5.0.0 release candidate 2 is now available!

This is likely to be the final release candidate before the full release. There are now no known big issues remaining to be fixed

The 'Castle Village' juust fits the minimap. No one cares about Pate's village anyways.


@mooshoe Oh man, I've been playing Minetest for the last two weeks and I haven't been able to stop.

Minetest is actually good, it suprised me. I've been playing on @ChrisWere's little (big now) town based on his stream, building "cows castle."

Comparing Matrix to XMPP is all well and good. What gets me are the broad sweeping statements by a lot of people.

Please keep in mind that Jabber/XMPP has been around for almost ten times more than Matrix.
XMPP has received huge commercial adoption and standardisation work from the IETF.
Matrix intends to cover significantly more ground with its spec than XMPP's did.
Also Jabber went the first years of its life with only one feasible server implementation as well.

Even worse are statements that assess people's skill level or ascribe intend, without actually having talked to any of the people involved.

In fact it's a terrible idea — no one should be forced to host possible extremist content or pron if someone else put it on the blockchain. The web is already decentralized enough by design.

how many projects are there trying to blockchain-ize websites?

i still dont get why its a good idea.

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