@Matter imagine how amazing it would be if he saw the light

@njha No it's completely reasonable one — when I said issues I was thinking about some bugs with the applications made by elementary (not the desktop) and some organizational *differences* such as their lack of documentation and refusal to include a package manager by default.

@njha I use elementary. Daniel Fore has really good taste and it does multiple applications such as email, music, and code editing really well.

It's not mac, it's not seemless, there are multiple pressing issues and sometimes I have to look into the source to fix an issue I have with the desktop.

I really like the small community vibe around the project

All in all it's creative, more definitly transformative, but most definitly has a ton of issues right nwo.

One more screenshot of current #lollypop master.
Using the same widget in adaptive mode allows to use all Lollypop functions from adaptive mode! Last big issue fixed. 1.0 too come!

Working on a new section of the elementary OS website. I generally like the left two animations, but am struggling with a graphic/animation for Do Not Disturb. Ideas? :D

@mike @poetgrant I feel that most people are aware that they are being tracked for a profit but don’t understand why this is a big enough issue to hop over 3 walls and a pit to get away from.

Personally my issue is when these companies push their services as a public services like roads in real life ex twitter where if the only way to view the President’s microblog is through a capitalistic company that has no actually interest in protecting me.

The Fediverse feels so much more like an actual community than Twitter does. Like, here, I can post something and have a bunch of people boost it and reply to it and a conversation happens. And the people I'm interacting with interact back. On Twitter, I post something and 1-2 people like it. Reply to something and 5-10 people like it. There's very little actual interaction.

@alexbuzzbee Yeah mastodon seems to actually encourage full fleshed out responses, which makes all the difference.

I played around wiht passwordstore today using git, and it's a big improvement versus trying to sync it with dropbox like I did I think about 9 or so months ago.

However, I used github's free private repos so my contributions would be messed up, I think I'll just set up a small git server on my pi now.

@kopfkind I tried it, I really like the developer as a person and his philosophy. It’s just an executable, pretty easy to set up.

However write.as has many features write freely doesn’t, such as better analytics and support for photos and I dislike that that, along with the fact of how bare and sometimes confusing the interface is (Such as you can only pin a blog post on the front page of your blog) with an inherit lack of customization.

I think this weekend I'm going to set up a wireguard with pi hole at my house on a pi.

Won't hide my surfing from my isp but I don't really care about that, I just want coffee shop networks not able to be see my internet activity and no ads.

Riot's development branch for their redesign is getting exciting. It looks and *feels* nice to use now.

@njha yes but animoji make up for it all haha Show more

@brandon (context: 17 at an american high school)

For the people I need to talk to, it’s either iMessage or Facebook (Instagram DMs). People absolutely make fun of others for being green. It’s stupid, but that’s just how it is (and there’s always that one person who doesn’t have cell service but can use iMessage).

... and that’s why I bought an iPhone. It’s probably better than Google/Android in terms of privacy anyway.

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