Part 1 of of the goodies to drop on the install of Elementary OS.

Update the elementary OS
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Install gdebi if you need a GUI
sudo apt install gdebi

For watching videos I like VLC
sudo apt install vlc

Elementary OS commes with Epiphany web browser, so firefox it is. Although I DL Brave deb later and installed.
sudo apt install firefox

Install archive formats (your never know)
sudo apt install rar unrar cabextract lzip lunzip arj unace p7zip-rar p7zip


I think mastodon's upcoming profile directory feature is the best way discovery could've been implemented. It makes sure you have to go out of your way to find other users (unlike birdsite) but works a lot better than what ever the fuck we have now.

You can tell Eugen put a lot of thought into it.

Mastodon as a Sidebar (Firefox add-on) by @soapdog is really neat! Just tried it out today and it works surprisingly well. Uses Pinafore under the hood, so you can log in to multiple instances. Pressing Shift-Alt-M will close or open it. Cool use case!

@alcinnz ok so:

it's a for-profit company crowd funded that doesn't know right now how they are going to decentralize, but they figure cryptocurrency will somehow fund them.

@mooshoe I often get the impression that a blockchain was people's first exposure to any sort of database more complicated than a spreadsheet.

i wonder if these guys actually understand what cryptocurrency is:

aka not something to build a social media app with.

Federation between two servers, illustrated

Happy birthday, qutebrowser!

A big thanks to the friendly @the_compiler for making the best web browse out there. :)

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