I had a buddy last night tell me he was trying Linux, then later he told me this:

I'm actually never going to finish this so here you guys go. really wanted to suprise you guys but I guess not.

it was called mastocomments, was supposed to be a super simple no dependencies comment section for blogs that just mirrored the replies of a toot.

The nicer looking side is the html css stuff I made and the more text like one is the js part I got working as a proof of concept. And as you can see, implementation was pretty damn simple.

fun fact:

this is how mastodon handles custom emojis through the api

Google with a light grey background vs the default white background

Workers refilling the Earth's core with molten lava during the Great Lava Shortage of 1912.

@joseph Joe this guy has some important western union stuff for you

code is pretty good in elementary now

picture in picture is also pretty nice for masto but it would be nicer if someone ported to juno

I figured it out and thought some of you guys may be intrested in it. (if you didn't know it already)

to run elementary app flatpaks with the elementar stylesheet you just do the same thingas you would for normal gtk apps with an env variable

Here's an elementary flatpak next to a gnome flatpak

if you ever want some cringe lool no further than firefox on Twitter

@morii is a sexy (android app?) for pixelfed that's wip

I think pixelfed could bring a younger crowd into the fediverse

I guess it's fun to look at other people's workflows so here's the one I've been using since I stopped experimenting with arch.

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