Set up a nextcloud vps using Wasabi s3 and it was painfully slow.


@mooshoe When my Nextcloud was slow, the issue I was running into was the open file limit set in Linux. I had to increase it. Might be worth checking.

@joseph No, it was just that s3 storage is slow.

May I ask how you store all your data? Data storage seems, expensive to say the least.

@mooshoe I use a kimsufi dedicated server for like $7/mo.

Cool and expensive solution:
Buy a harddrive and an ODroid HC2 ($300 total for 10TB if you use the bestbuy trick). Back everything up to B2 ($5/mo/TB) or to another drive ($300).

Cool and cheaper solution:
If you don’t have backups it’s cheap, but then you don’t have backups... just grab any VPS or dedicated server with storage and use it.

@njha haha that first one sounds badass

I’ll try to find a vps that works for me, thanks

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