58 million videos on youtube just got banned for hateful content.

I really wish open alternatives where at the point where people could start moving over.

Let me revise that: I really wish open alternatives have gotten the traction in that area so people actually new about them.

@mooshoe Watch the latest PewDiePie video. The last few minutes are very painful to watch, if you are into federated and open alternatives 😆

@mooshoe (to avoid making anyone execute non-free JS any more than necessary: , I use MPV + youtube-dl and RSS feeds for subscriptions)

@Matter I was actually inspired his video to make that toot.

It seems like if peertube was in a place like mastodon was for twitter and tumbler we would see another migration.

@mooshoe Agreed (to this and your revision) though TBF, the ones they banned for promoting sites that let students plagiarize essays and other papers was a good move IMHO (EduBirdie is one of the major ones).

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