@mooshoe edge is about to be no longer developed too
@mooshoe lol even better they are going to switch to working on a chrome based browser
@colomar @mooshoe oh wow somehow i didnt even see the link, only the image

@mooshoe can you imagine going back in time to 2001 and trying to tell the @kde people that their HTML rendering engine will be so successful that it'll actually become problematic?

@mooshoe My take on this: I don't think EdgeHTML is a big loss for the open web. And I don't care much if Chromium gets some market share from Edge.
What I do agree on with the article's author is that a Chromium monopoly would be terrible for the web. We had a monopoly on Internet Explorer before Firefox, and we don't want to go back there.

The solution, from my perspective, would be for the whole FOSS community to rally behind Servo instead of Chromium, and make it the truly open alternative.

@colomar @mooshoe a duopoly is hardly better than a monopoly when it comes to keeping the web open and accessible.

It's a band-aid, not a solution.

@kungtotte As long as at least one of them is openly-governed instead of governed by a single entity, I don't see a duopoly as a big problem.
If the FOSS community threw its weight behind Servo, it could force it to be openly-governed and make sure it will survive even if Mozilla goes bust or does something stupid.

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