i may start a blog

not that I have any ideas that are actually intresting enough to read about but i guess it may help flesh out my thoughts about stuff i find really intresting

@mooshoe @kev and I have been kicking around the idea of opening up the Fosstodon Hub to community members that want to make a blog post every now and again. We haven't done anything (so far) other than talk about it. Would you be interested in something like that?

@mike @kev @timapple I don't know if I had a blog what i would say actually

but right now if you guys opened that up i would pitch in

You definitely should—I know I'd read it!

Plus, I think Mastodon + Blog is a great format: Mastodon for the shorter thoughts, and the blog for anything that takes more than a toot or two.

We should really start a @fosstodon blogroll; we're getting to the point where we've got a pretty good list of blogs/bloggers on here.

@mooshoe I feel the same way. I've kicked about the idea of starting one up for the past few months now.

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