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I think it's great that the government has taken a more active role in tech, although I also don't think Trump knows what he is doing.

The Chinese will view this as an attack and Europe may even side with the Chinese on this issue, which would really backfire.


It'll be intresting seeing the effects of the ban in the coming months/years.

It is too early really to tell what will happen. It's clear the ban did catch Huewei off gaurd, (no matter the company claims) but it's more clear that despite what some people have said on reddit and such, this isn't going to destroy Huewei — at all. China has it's own big tech companies that dominate in their own firewall.

@kde offers an LTS version and users of @opensuse Leap know how good it is; Plasma 5.12 is so good, it will continue into Leap 15.1. Get the ultimate customization with KDE's Plasma 5.12 & Frameworks 5.55.0 -

Then again, Nextcloud's file sharing is top notch. You can't really beat it feature wise and it's very polished.

I think this is an intresting alternative to Nextcloud. Seems a bit more focused.

Hold on to your butts. Just got an order of coasters in and you’ll be able to get your own soon 😉

Update on Reganam:
- I've added some styling to it
- The research tab now has some technologies to research
- There are storage upgrades as well

It is almost ready for release! Only some helpful tooltips and text styling to go for 1.0.0.


Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why:

Possible solution: a git service that allows developers to charge subscriptions for different usages — aka free except for commercial use? Is that even possible to enforce with GPL?

FOSS for big tech is a way to get people to work for them for less, increasing their profit margins.

"Why I (Still) Love Tech: In Defense of a Difficult Industry" by Paul Ford

I consider myself a disillusioned techno-optimist, and this piece does a good job of capturing some of that heartbreak. Paul Ford is a great writer.

I’ve historically liked what System76 is doing for Pop!_OS.

Wendell did a good job of explaining the reasons I think it’s pretty good. (better than me xd. He covers important points like how they are balancing software freedom with other stuff just being better and the team pushing so much stuff upstream + fixing many bugs not even caused by them)

I disagree on one thing: the theme and branding is atrocious. Who wants to stare at a brown and orange-yellow all day.

That being said:

I don't understand the point of trying to get people to use Linux.

Dunno. I wont spam you guys with my every foss related thought tomorrow.

The whole crux of the argument for switching is that Linux is better for somethings. The problem is that linux doesnt have things that matter to them, and there's nothing important enough for them to actually switch.

For people to switch to Linux, there has to be a logical reason for them to do so.

Honestly if someone likes to have stylus support and microsoft office why would they change?

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