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Half Life but instead of Gordon Freeman it's Morgan Freeman

It's funny — technically how we deal with global warming is evolution at work. If we as a species cannot adapt to being as advanced as we are, we die.

@mooshoe they are called the diaspora illuminati 😂

Well theres an actual battle Royal on linux now.

Thanks valve

who the fuck are these people in youtube rewind

And now I'm announcing the second and final project I'm starting today: "Memex", a new and hopefully more hackable, less crackable browser engine.

It won't support JavaScript, and instead try out some alternative ideas that aren't Turing Complete. Because I want to show The Web can be better that way.

I'll only be able to implement the absolute basics of Memex, so if any of you want it to actually be something please, please contribute!

StackOverflow should do more interesting surveys besides what programmers work on such as:
- What music programmers listen to versus the general population.
- What programmers do in their free time.
- What pets programmers have.

So Google Reader's long gone, and I've been trying to find something even better, and I think I've done it!

Pocket the RSS Reader:

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