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Pixelfed take

dansup just keeps on adding feature after unnecessary feature. Also for some reason he needs to use for his *Instagram* AP clone which most definitely is not mobile friendly.

I don't think he gets it.

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@poetgrant @colomar @codesections @measlytwerp @outkine @mooshoe Basically, think first. I don't know any former unschoolers who are now successful but I'm sure they are out there. If you don't think your kid will put in effort, there is no reason for you to waste your effort trying to push said kid into a certain method of education. For many people public systems are the best or the only real option. It is dangerous to jump on a bandwagon until you are positive you can actually follow through.

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Flashbulb beta has been out for a few weeks now, and we've taken a small pause to celebrate.

Time to unpause!

The next march is towards the F-Droid release:

The "to do" column is my plan of attack. Let us know how you can help!

Clearly google has the best designers ever *cough* *cough*

Google with a light grey background vs the default white background

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Just a reminder folks: we've now got our community hub up and running. It's got a community blog, our CoC, details on how to support Fosstodon, details about our team, and more.

Commujity blog:

Support us:


The team:

Also, if you want to know how we're using your kind donations, details can are here:

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I recognize that the novel Ender's Game has some flaws. But I personally find it worth re-reading every so often for one reason: I first read it when I was the characters' age, and it struck me as an accurate description of the internal experience of being a kid.

Whenever I'm tempted to patronize kids, I need to revisit that and remember how deeply kids can think and how serious life can feel, regardless of the age. No one likes being spoken to like a child, even—especially!—if they are one.

Best way to get and host fonts for something I'm making?

I know how to self host the fonts but where can I download some nice serif fonts for not $300

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@mooshoe It's amazing that I haven't heard of that because that's exactly what I think the answer is. Before we can address the fundamental problems in our educational system I think that we need to address the issue of a terrible curriculum - and I think that teachers taking the role of facilitators, rather than instructors, is the key to doing that. This would allow a high-level organization to pour all of its resources into developing the ultimate curriculum, which teachers would administer.

1) elementary recently
2) had a short foray into arch before that
3) Fedora before that

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Mastodon caches a copy of all remote media. How do admins deal with the possibility that in all the media they are now hosting and serving there might questionable or possibly illegal content?

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good job everybody, lets keep that politics out of our local timeline

Seriously though I moved to mastodon to avoid stuff like that. I don't care about your opinion but I care about you being salty. ;)

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In case you missed it, we released the Librem Key today! Learn how the Librem Key could help secure your laptop -

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I didn't really read all the nitty-gritty details of this when it first happened. This is pretty long, but it was still an interesting read.

"After Years of Abusive E-mails, the Creator of Linux Steps Aside | The New Yorker"

Workers refilling the Earth's core with molten lava during the Great Lava Shortage of 1912.

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Yo, developers making apps for @elementary #AppCenter I just released a new version of my elementary icon templates. If you still need to make an icon or just need to make a better one go check 'em out. This update totally reworks both the vertical and horizontal rectangle icons and fixes smaller things like newer gradient stops and more consistent shadows.

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I just published my first article to the Fosstodon Hub community blog - Do you have to use an Open Source OS to be a FOSS contributor?

If you're interested in contributing to the community blog, take a look here -

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