Our now walks like it's on the . So you can play you are operating it remotely through a virtual interface from the comfort of the habitat.

I, Voyager: An solar system viewer/planetarium and platform for games made in /#godotengine : ivoyager.dev/

@Zach777 I need to build filters on this platform or Federated is virtually unusable. Do you have some tips?

Our project is featured today in a guest blog on the news channel. The opportunity to shout out they gave us means a lot to us. Long live godotengine.org/article/guest-

I'm working on an NPC mod called "Folks". For now they just stare at you and you can rename them (every NPC can have it's custom name).
Here's a quick video showing that:

Our is a FOSS sandbox game, where people develop a town on the moon and role play living there. It's completely undirected play - no points, goals, missions or anything. It's meant to be a hard fan paradise. We felt we could cultivate a community around it and charge for a few totally optional extras as a monthly fee. Are we better of as instead of ? Is it possible to close source to get funding until we have traction and then open source again?

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We are thinking of changing the on our FOSS game from to . But we've also considered that for the sake of getting funding we would consider forking the project and closing the fork. If that seemed like it would enhance funding, I'd be willing to do that. We could use advice on this. Any input?

Talkin' to Steve. He's the most complex NPC created with our NPC editor - which is now an add-on that can be used in any game, in any language. Still a WIP, but an achievement I'm proud Moonwards supported.

If you never had the pleasure of experiencing gloryhammer, let me introduce you


You can use your Mastodon account to subscribe to PeerTube channels, like videos and comment on them. You can use it to follow and interact with other federated services as well such as Pleroma, Frendica, Pixelfed and WriteFreely. You can do the same with most other fediverse services so if you decide Mastodon isn't for you, you can explore alternatives without having to leave the people you met here. Once again welcome and have a nice stay :ac_happy:

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Recently we got quite a bit of new users, here are some tips:
1- Use federated timeline: By default it's mess however once you use language filtering and block some bot instances (like botsin.space and newsbots.eu) it becomes veey useful for finding new people.
2- Follow @FediFollows: Fedifollows is an account that reccomends interesting fediverse accounts for people follow, great for discoverebility.

What would get people here at Fosstodon (and Mastodom as a whole) interested in ?

Its a mmo in the making where you get to see life in a Moon colony.


Note to self: the solution to burnout is not working harder to get everything done.

I just had a dream that somehow wound up with me thinking about covid19 - the over a million people who have died from it, and the thousands that are *dying every single day*.

The emotional part of my brain finally realised the immense scale of this tragedy and how poorly we've handled it.

First time I've cried in a long time.

Plausible is now installed on 9,120 sites and we’ve counted 171,811,460 page views in December 🚀

The sweetest thing about working on Plausible is that most of this market share we've taken directly from Google Analytics 😍

Having a child has really put my wife and I in touch with the world of children's media.

One thing I've noticed is that so many of the songs are public domain.

For instance, Baby Shark is actually a campfire song of unknown origin.

Rumpelstiltskin is a German folktale by the Brothers Grimm 1812 edition of Children’s and Household Tales.

(where he is known as Rumpelstilzchen in German).

According to researchers at Durham University and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa the story first originated 4000 years ago.
Read the tale here

Art by Arthur Rackham

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