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In all of Warner Bros. Monsterverse films, the miltary continues to use small arms and rifles on the monsters. Sigh. Seriously?

My new Citizen Eco-Drive watch, Brycen (CA0649-14E). It reminds me of an Omega Speedmaster.

Entertainment Weekly News: The Mandalorian unmasked: ‘We did things no Star Wars fan has ever seen’.

I'm about half-way through the first season of Gotham and I'm really enjoying the show. I like see Jim Gordon struggle as he tries to maintain his integrity in a world of corruption. I like seeing young Bruce Wayne learn and grow into who he is destined to be. I like seeing the relationship between Bruce and Alfred and how Alfred is raising Bruce. I like seeing the Game of Thrones-like power struggles of the Gotham underworld. It's all very interesting.

The Palo Alto Fry's will be closing it's doors in January. I always liked the cowboy theme of that store. I'm surprised they still operate so many stores because when I visit the Campbell, Sunnyvale and Brokaw stores, they are in terrible condition. The shelves are half empty and the pricing tends to be above MSRP for most things.

TIL They remade one of my favorite films, Jacob's Ladder. From the looks of it though, it isn't a very good movie.

I've started watching Gotham. So far, I am three episodes in and it's not a bad show -- I am pretty entertained. I like the idea of a show about Jim Gordon and the city of Gotham without Batman.

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