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My PC sounds like a vacuum cleaner when everything is set to Ultra in Gears of War 4. But, it performs great!

AMD StoreMI was causing BSOD. Worked well for a while, since I got my new computer. But, recently after updates, it started causing issues.

I am shutting down at the end of this month. Add me at @len.

Amazon openly encourages anyone to sign up and start selling right away unless something in their registration or initial posting triggers the automated tools to flag them for more vetting.

In contrast, Walmart Inc. requires all products on store shelves be tested at approved labs, company documents show. Target says it requires suppliers of store-branded products to undergo additional inspections and testing beyond government standards.

Dollhouse's FBI Agent Paul Ballard is the worst agent ever. How did he ever become an agent with such flappy lips, spilling all his work secrets to the neighbor?

"In increasing your generosity to receive optimism, you will be rewarded with new possibilities that others have prematurely dismissed."

A well thought out piece comparing the Captain America a trilogy to Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. I am a lifelong Batman fan, but this piece makes a great argument that Batman is not one to aspire to, rather it is Captain America.

Google's problem with Stadia and how they sell the idea is not one of convincing people that games work or that with a great internet connection that it'll rival consoles. Google's problem is that they have to convince people that they are fully invested in Stadia and that Google will not relegate it to the Google Graveyard a few months or years after Stadia's launch.

Mashable: Bluetooth is bad and you should stop using it...

"So turn off Bluetooth, grab some wired headphones, and enjoy the sweet sound of knowing you took a basic digital security precaution."

Sounds like great advice but the writer doesn't acknowledge that manufacturers are all removing the headphone jacks from phones.

Topher on needs to be taken care of by Alpha. This Topher guy is annoying AF.

The FBI agent in needs to get a briefcase or even a backpack so that he stops carrying files around flashing them for everyone to see.

Apple TV Plus us going to be a hard sell at $9.99/mo and only having a launch lineup of five shows. Especially when it's going up against Disney+.

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