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TIL Better Luck Tomorrow is connected with Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. And for some considered Fast and Furious canon.

Better Luck Tomorrow is considered by Justin Lin (director of both films) and Sung Kang (who plays Han in both films) as Han's origin story.

Another mediocre film from STX. They really need to up their game because STX produced films are becoming synonymous with the word "mediocre". I got three laughs out of the film, otherwise it was a run-of-the-mill film. All plot lines came to predictable endings.

I am glad I didn't pay to see this in the theaters and watched it on a DVD borrowed from the local library.

I still have a Strava account and am still sending data there. But, I am glad that I also mirror my data to Smashrun ( also since it looks like Strava is up to no good lately. Boo on Strava.

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." -Bruce Lee.

Fromage. Queso. Cheese. It all translates to one universal word: Delicious.

While The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite overall Star Wars film, Rogue One remains my favorite one to watch. Rogue One is so well made and watchable.

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, director.

The Last Ship 

Not a bad film. I was pleasantly surprised and had a few good laughs. It deftly married romcom with sci-fi. The sci-fi stuff falls apart a bit in the third act, but still it was entertaining.

Tonight's movie is Time Freak (2018). Found this while looking for movies on Hulu. It looks like light fluffy entertainment with some sci-fi thrown in.

I rode my electric scooter up, down and up a bridge... It did not survive the second time going up. I caused a thermal shutdown and had to hoof it for half a mile before it cooled to the point where I could turn it on again.

Having fiber at home rocks. I think the limiter here is probably peering and also my hard drive. This is nowhere near the 1Gbps of my home internet connection.

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 isn't even sweating routing this traffic.

The box says that the max speed is 12MPH. I have gotten the Hover-1 RALLY up to 15MPH, which is a pretty frightening speed on an electric scooter. The Segway Ninebot that I tried before got to almost 20MPH, which was even more frightening (thrilling?).

Went by the old Yahoo! campus today.

Most of the signage is off the buildings, and the shades are all drawn.

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