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Beyond Meat chili and Beyond Meatball sub at LinkedIn today for lunch. Both were delicious.

Disappointed. I subscribed to STARZ because they are running a special $5/mo for the first three months (as opposed to $9/mo). They have a decent selection of movies to watch, but after the opening credits of a movie, no matter what the original aspect ratio of the film is, STARZ zooms in so that the aspect ratio is 16:9 to fill a widescreen TV. Meh.

Tonight's movie was Alpha (2018) and it was a really great movie. I really liked how they created a fictional language for the film and had all the characters speaking the language -- the film is all subtitled. The visuals and cinematography in the film are breathtaking.

I setup @mookie (mookie at as a test bed for my Azure stuff. This is still my main account here at Fosstodon. But, if you see me running around over there, it's just for testing.

Well, that puts a crimp on my Azure CDN fun for tonight. Eight hours to do clean up makes Mookie a Sad Panda.

Working with Azure CDN is considerably harder than with Cloudflare. But, there are more options when working with Azure CDN.

Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019) was unnecessarily complicated, unbelievably dark and a plain bore. There's an unnecessary Bond villain for no good reason. All the monster reveals and battles are so dark and cut so quick that there wasn't much to see -- and what could be seen was done so close up that the action didn't make sense. There is some bizarre humor in the film -- I always say that films should have some levity, but the humor in this film just doesn't fit.


I came into Cold Pursuit expecting Snow Taken, I was surprised by what the film actually is -- in a good way. The film is a slow burn revenge flick that has a dark current of humor running throughout it. The tone of the film never shifts and maintains a weird sense of dark humor throughout.

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