@mike I do. I don't really find it super helpful outside if telling me that five to six hours of sleep is what I need.

Legion Season 2 Finale 

"If all the apples are bruised, then it is the unbruised apple that is bad, the sane man who's crazy."

I forgot that Android supports LDAC. I have a Sony Bluetooth speaker which also supports LDAC. Myy old iPhone only sent AAC to the speaker and I had been using the iPhone / SRS-XB20 combo for a while. Is there a difference? Yup! LDAC sounded crisper than AAC while I was using the speaker yesterday. I'm impressed.

Your Phone and Your Phone Companion on Windows 10 and Android respectively are neat -- it replicates the iMessage functionality of a Mac and iPhone perfectly. It also adds photos and notifications to the mix.

Tonight's movie was Miss Bala (2019). I rented it as a 99c rental from iTunes. This movie is a total misfire and really not worth even the 99c rental fee. The movie is pretty boring and when there is action, it is chaotic, confusing and hare to follow. There are double-crosses and twists in the film that are completely unearned.

The only good thing about the film is Gina Rodriguez who is fantastic in the film -- but not even her performance can save the film.


I'm on the season 2 finale of The Last Ship and they are going to lose me. The whole immunes thing is too much. The writers haven't given enough motivation for the immunes to do what they are doing. Plus, all the immunes seem to be dudes. If they do end up killing off the non-immune, how do they figure they'd repopulate the Earth? Sigh.

@kev I think the power of chips are at a point that unless you're gaming (and maybe not even then), computers should last a bunch longer. My ThinkPad 450S is five years old and it works just fine (i7 + 12GB RAM + SSD).

Out of curiosity, I tried hooking up my 256GB Samsung SSD drive to my new Pixel 3. It worked. Lol.

At the library with the kids. I am streaming live OTA TV remotely via Plex. Works fantastic.

I got a Google Pixel 3 last night. Giving Android a try after many years of using and iPhone.

Whoops, someone at Shipt forgot to fill in a variable before sending out this email.

"Who teaches us to be normal when we're one of a kind?"

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