My new Citizen Eco-Drive watch, Brycen (CA0649-14E). It reminds me of an Omega Speedmaster.

I'm about half-way through the first season of Gotham and I'm really enjoying the show. I like see Jim Gordon struggle as he tries to maintain his integrity in a world of corruption. I like seeing young Bruce Wayne learn and grow into who he is destined to be. I like seeing the relationship between Bruce and Alfred and how Alfred is raising Bruce. I like seeing the Game of Thrones-like power struggles of the Gotham underworld. It's all very interesting.

I've started watching Gotham. So far, I am three episodes in and it's not a bad show -- I am pretty entertained. I like the idea of a show about Jim Gordon and the city of Gotham without Batman.

My PC sounds like a vacuum cleaner when everything is set to Ultra in Gears of War 4. But, it performs great!

Well that was quick. Elbow scrapped. 

Tonight's movie was Overlord (2018). I don't know what to make of this film, but there's one thing that I know, it was surprisingly entertaining. The story feels like it came out of a videogame -- Wolfenstein anyone? The mashup of two genres that I usually don't watch, WWII plus Horror, was what got me curious about the movie. It turns out the mashup was enough to let the filmmakers go wild with the premise -- which led to such an entertaining film.

Content is important, but presentation makes all the difference.

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