I have been watching smaller films lately. Most have been misses (Unicorn Store, 2:22, Curvature).

Tonight I watched Anti Matter which is a low budget sci-fi film, it was so engrossing and engaging. It does what it can with the budget and it definitely punches above its weight.

Don't let the posters and synopsis trick you as both are horrible representations of the film. Just watch the film and see what you think.

I liked it a lot.


I just finished the fifth season of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video. I don't watch much on Amazon Prime Video, but this is the one show that I keep coming back to because it is so well-written and well-done. If you haven't seen Bosch, you're missing out on the best cop shows on TV.

It’s too bad that ABC canceled “For the People”. I caught the season two premiere while randomly surfing and liked it so much that I watched all of season one before continuing with season two, mostly week-to-week. It’s a good show, I will miss it.


I couldn’t send messages from my desk at work on Verizon Mon-Wed. Webpages wouldn’t load. Basically, there nothing data related worked on Verizon at my desk at work. This is T-Mobile today. Yay!

I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon over the weekend thinking that Verizon would be better. It was okay at home, but at work it was atrocious. This is a Speedtest outside my office. I couldn’t Speedtest inside because the access was so slow.

In preparation for John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum... I watched John Wick on Saturday and John Wick Chapter 2 today. I love the Wickverse mythos and the world-building the filmmakers have done. I have high hopes for the third film.


I’m pretty sure one doesn’t offset the other health-wise, but oh well.

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