Tonight's movie was Miss Bala (2019). I rented it as a 99c rental from iTunes. This movie is a total misfire and really not worth even the 99c rental fee. The movie is pretty boring and when there is action, it is chaotic, confusing and hare to follow. There are double-crosses and twists in the film that are completely unearned.

The only good thing about the film is Gina Rodriguez who is fantastic in the film -- but not even her performance can save the film.

Out of curiosity, I tried hooking up my 256GB Samsung SSD drive to my new Pixel 3. It worked. Lol.

At the library with the kids. I am streaming live OTA TV remotely via Plex. Works fantastic.

Whoops, someone at Shipt forgot to fill in a variable before sending out this email.

The Rook is a stunningly good looking show. Each shot has a feeling that it has been thought out thoroughly and story-boarded.

The story and plot though feels as if the showrunners are trying too hard and barely succeeding. There is a faux feeling the the seriousness of the show.

This second episode is 50 minutes long and not much of substance happens except in the last few moments of the episode.

Sometimes there's music that I can only buy digitally -- like Pinar Toprak's fantastic score for Captain Marvel which Disney refuses to release on CD.

I bought it digitally and do have a copy, but one track won't play in the Plex web client -- it does in the Plex app and other applications and tests fine with "flac -t".

I wanted to download it again to have a fresh copy and found that I couldn't.

And this is why I like buying media as physical media.

I picked up Super Mario Maker 2 for my Nintendo Switch and also this Hori D-Pad controller. The controller is nice, but it's for handheld mode only -- there's no battery, rumble or radio inside of this D-Pad controller. But, I can't ask for much, it was only $15 at Target and it makes playing Super Mario so much better.

I just finished watching Spider-Man: Far from Home with the kids. We all enjoyed it a bunch. The two hour and ten minute run time of the film just flew by. The action was good, the characters good and the humor was awesome.

Well worth seeing on the big screen.

I tried to get through the second episode of Reef Break on ABC, I couldn't. It's not even good enough to be a fun summer show. Poppy Montgomery's character is super annoying.

I just finished watching Prospect (2018). It had an excellent first act that was enthralling in its world building and worn-in and lived-in world. The middle portion of the film sagged really badly and the characterizations were lacking. The last act was genuinely thrilling. Worth a watch? Yes, just to see what can be achieved on a small budget.

I just finished watching the pilot episode of The Rook on STARZ because Olivia Munn is in it. The pilot is decent enough, but it is trying really hard to be mysterious and spinning up lots of threads and unanswered questions. I will come back to see more of the show, but I wonder if the writers and showrunners have a long-term plan for this show.

Gears of War 5 pre-ordered (though, not quite sure why it's call pre-ordering since it's free with Xbox Game Pass for PC).

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