My new router/firewall at home has been running for a week and it's been great! It replaces a failed OPNsense build, an IPFire build and previous to all of that an EdgeRouter 4. It's running on a Protectli Vault FW4B/Celeron J3160/8GB RAM/250GB Samsung mSATA SSD.

My new limited edition DC library card. The San Jose Public Library is awesome.

I just came back from watching Brittany Runs a Marathon. I really enjoyed this film a lot because it resonates with me because I am a runner who started running to lose weight and get healthy.

The movie is fantastic because it is grounded in reality, the humor works because it all comes naturally from the situation. The pain and sadness also work for the same reason..

Jillian Bell really shines in this film because the script allows her to flex her talent.

My new Citizen Eco-Drive watch, Brycen (CA0649-14E). It reminds me of an Omega Speedmaster.

I'm about half-way through the first season of Gotham and I'm really enjoying the show. I like see Jim Gordon struggle as he tries to maintain his integrity in a world of corruption. I like seeing young Bruce Wayne learn and grow into who he is destined to be. I like seeing the relationship between Bruce and Alfred and how Alfred is raising Bruce. I like seeing the Game of Thrones-like power struggles of the Gotham underworld. It's all very interesting.

I've started watching Gotham. So far, I am three episodes in and it's not a bad show -- I am pretty entertained. I like the idea of a show about Jim Gordon and the city of Gotham without Batman.

My PC sounds like a vacuum cleaner when everything is set to Ultra in Gears of War 4. But, it performs great!

Well that was quick. Elbow scrapped. 

Can't learn without falling.

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