People are already not coming to the theaters to watch movies, so what do theaters do to entice more moviegoers? Run more ads on top of the 15-20 minutes of trailers being shown before the movie starts.

Here's how you get people in seats: Make going to the movies as enjoyable as sitting on the couch at home while streaming a movie.

@mookie that would be hard. I personally wont pay the high price for a movie ticket now days. Id rather see it at home for less through a streaming service. If they could lower prices then maybe I would be interested in going again.

Seeing it from an economic point of view, the movie business, nowadays, is a monopoly. ...and monopolies strangle the market (that they control)... that's their job... For people to start going to the movies again, the monopoly of movie production, distribution, and theatres, would have to cancel itself... which is not gonna happen any time soon...


@syntaktis @mookie what do you mean cancel itself? The only way I see them staying in business is if they can maintain the new releases. If they ever lost that they would flop overnight imo.

If the only doctor in town is a bad doctor, _at_least_ some people will pay a visit
(due to despair and luck of options; although they already know that this doctor is no good at the trade; ...and that's how #monopoly stays afloat)


@syntaktis @mookie yes, but do you really see new movie places being built in towns?

I think you've missed the point. I'll express it differently. The monopoly's no1 concern, is not how to widen the market but how to control it.
So, more or fewer movie theaters in towns is not important. What is important is that they are "our" movie theaters.


@syntaktis @mookie I get what you are saying now, thanks. But I'm unaware of their tatics to control the market.


I remember, years ago, some local cinema owner complaining about how "they" would not "give" him the movies to play (maybe he was being literal, or maybe speaking metaphorically).
Even if we don't now the specific commercial tactics, we can see the results, where the market is being controlled by "chains".
But to understand how capitalists work it is easy. Just think of mobsters. Makes it all more clear.
#communism #Capitalism

@syntaktis @mookie Yeah I wouldn't doubt there is a controlling factor in there some where. But i'll have to disagree about most capitalist , I'm not against capitalism and the right of some one forming their own private competitive company. But I do agree there are some real nasty corps out there that take it to a whole new level. Those are just crooked and greedy people.

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