I have been working my way through the Hulu series The First. It's really not that great because it is sold as a sci-fi show about going to Mar, but is really a melodrama about dealing with drug addiction and all sorts of other personal issues. The Mars part is a minor part of the whole show, which is highly disappointing.

The best thing about the show The First is the soundtrack by Colin Stetson. But, for the longest time, the title track has bugged me because it sounded so similar to something else. I finally figured it out.

The First (Colin Stetson):

The beginning bits of the track are so very similar to What Are You Going TO Do When You Are Not Saving The World? (Hans ZImmer):

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@mookie I had the same experience... They could have made it in 3 episodes and it would've been great. The fluff in between was very annoying

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