here's my now that i've moved here to fosstodon!

hi. i'm mookie. i am a... dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker.

i love the movies. i watch lots of movies. i write a lot about movies. i talk a lot about movies. did i mention i love the movies?

Thanks @mike! You and @kev run a great instance with Fosstodon, it wasn't hard to choose a new home. :)


I saw a post you did on your old site - how is the Garmin watch working out so far ?

@bricin I love it. I have the Fenix 3 (non-HR) and an old 920XT. The Instinct is my favorite of them for a couple of reasons. The screen is black and white, but the contrast is very good, so it's a lot easier to see in any lighting condition. I always had issues seeing the screen on the Fenix 3 in lower light conditions. It's really light-weight so wearing it for sleep tracking is great. The always-on HR monitor is pretty cool. Plus, it looks just like a G-Shock and I'm a lifelong G-Shock fan.

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