We're more than happy to announce that the SideKick project just got fully funded!
That leaves no open funding requests for now, and a lot of work to do. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

For those who don't know, PocketChange aims to help users that choose so, split their outputs to minimize the chances of having to wait too long between payments. Splitting your big bills into smaller ones, so to speak.

Yes yes yes, our PocketChange project got fully funded! That means SideKick is the only one standing at funding.monerujo.app
Thanks to everyone that contributed!

Witness this Christmas miracle: iOS proof of concept got funded in 3 days! funding.monerujo.app

Ok, we bite. (pun intended)
You asked for it, and now funding for us to look into making an iOS app is open at funding.monerujo.app
Are we ready to step beyond the idyllic garden of Android?

You pay, we deliver! The first update with a feature funded in funding.monerujo.app is live on the beta channels. The feature is... support for Tor nodes! You can toggle it by clicking on the network icon. Read more at reddit.com/r/Monerujo/comments

Did you know there's an unofficial Monerujo telegram group, created by u/w1ck3dAF? Drop by for unofficial opinions, unofficial support, unofficial memes, and unofficial miscellanea: t.me/monerujounderground

Second batch of NFTs minted to donors. In this case @maxtannahill gets the Nifty Gunther with the highest Street Cred number so far, a Pablo Gúnther with +4000!

More news! The second feature to be fully funded is... support for Monero seeds with an extra passphrase for improved security.
Thanks for the 12 contributions!

We'll keep you updated with progress.

We're happy to announce the first Nifty Gunthers to be claimed are already in the virtual hands of @bitlamas!
See the collection growing at opensea.io/collection/nifty-gu

Slow Sunday? Let's introduce Nifty Gunthers. Our quirky way to thank badass donators, in usual Monerujo fashion: overengineered and unpredictable. Learn more at funding.monerujo.app/#nftrules

We're pleased to announce that you fully funded a new feature, and the first using our Monerujo Funding system!
Support for .onion nodes is the winner and will come soon™.
Check out the rest at funding.monerujo.app

You can now get your friends into (without doing the F-Droid dance, you know, for normies)
Wonerujo live in GooglePlay!

We just released an update to Wonerujo on @fdroidorg that fixes the "pending tx" bug. Please check and report back!

Btw, Google Play is still pending. Not that anyone was waiting for that. ;)

Wonerujo is back from the ashes, ladies! Get the update from F-Droid, test it, and comment all the ways you managed to make it not work.

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