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Oh man, this is totally unnecessary but I want one. Retro computer styled pixel art Bluetooth speaker that can play Tetris and snake among a lot of other things.

Thanks everyone for all the posix and bash tips as well as the links and advice. I still have yet to get through all of it but wanted to let you all know I am still thinking about how thankful I am for your kindness.

@kungtotte funny you mention nim because that's the language I started studying a month ago.

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@Steinar @mdrights @mollusk shellcheck will crap out on things that aren't strictly POSIX, and bash will run anything that is strictly POSIX, so why not write something that will run literally everywhere instead of almost everywhere?

I really need to stop using bash and start using something that is actually POSIX compliant. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why my build scripts were not working properly even though nothing was noticeably different in code. One script kept working so I copied from that and pasted into the other scripts. Everything works now....fml

Nightly builds on my server have been experiencing issues lately. Apparently having the nonfree repo enabled causes an error because a file that xorg is trying to install, already exists because of catalyst-libs! catalyst-libs is not even a package in the list for any of my builds. Working on fixing it now, sorry to those who have been looking for new builds.

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Hello from @fosstodon! I've moved Mastodon instances, so if you've been following me for and updates, here's the place.

Has anyone has issues with RX 580 cards and current Xorg versions lately? All of a sudden now when I resume from suspend, my resolution changes to 640x480 and all other options no longer appear until after a reboot. This happens on all rolling distros for me at the moment and also newer release cycle distros.

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So the Nim programming language seems to be what I want in a language. It's got pretty elegant syntax (albeit whitespace code blocks) and it compiles down to binary. It has an optional garbage collector and can do cross compilation on most platforms. I never used Pascal or Delphi but some have pointed out that Nim is heavily inspired by them. This might be a caveat to some but I don't mind. Does anyone here use Nim for anything? I'm curious to get some perspective on it.

Linux Action News 92

Date: 02/10/2019
Desc: A week of nasty security flaws, and a lack of patches. Raspberry Pi opens a physical store, our thoughts on the new LibreOffice UI, and new flaws hitting all versions of Android. Plus new disk encryption coming to Linux.


So I am trying to learn two awesome programming languages right now and those are : Rust and Julia. If anyone has some experience with any of those and know of any great resources please do send them my way.

Hey everyone, I'm on this instance. Hoping to meet some beginner programmers who want to learn with me and make some friends in general. Glad to be here


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