Used a self-diagnosis test for Covid-19 antibodies.
After I saw, how much stuff is in the box I am wondering, did someone already created an unboxing video?

I watched the movie, Inside Man from 2006. I have a question about the plot: 

Why was the jeveller from the crime band presented at the crime scene? He played only a hostages, but plus one fake hostage is one more possibility to make mistakes (e.g. during the questioning by the police).
Or he was there only for us – to make one more twist?

My only thought: plus one person in the background, for the execution scene?

My candidate to the "sit down, you failed from basic electric" category:
I wanted to replace my motherboard. First, I just wanted to try, that I connect the power supply and the main hard drive to it. So I opened the computer case, plugged this cables from the PC to the new motherboard, and put it to the opened computer case.
To the metal case.
Enough said.

A good API/library: when I am mentally preparing four half an hour work to implement a new future (which is similar to an existing), using that API.
And then I realize, that it takes only an extra parameter in one of the API's function.

In 2020 I enjoyed most, that,

Looking around on Mastodon, it seems that cats are the most common animals on Earth.

Podcasts are cool things. (And in my opinion are radio talk programms, only broadcasted on the internet.)

Once we talked about a mobile app, related to our job. My college, whom had Ubuntu Touch, asked: I guess, the app is not existing for Ubuntu?
Our boss answered: A smartphone is, which has Android or iOS. Everything else: we don't know, what it is.
After two years with Ubuntu Touch, I see his point :)

After 3 reintall my new Fairphone 2 ("System UI Has Stopped") a simple fastboot with the Android SDK Platform Tools + TWRP wipe + Format Data + a new install solved it.

After more years on Ubuntu Touch, buying a Fairphone 2 and trying Android the first time. I already has issues with installing another OS version :)

Working parallel on one site's live and test admin panel is kind of fun. If you don't mix them up.

Cambridge Dictonary says, "coronnial" is now an existing word for "someone who was born around the time of the covid-19 pandemic".

What else can be my first toot, as remember to the cool technical in tricks in .


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