Just got an email, thanking me for mongodb-bin on AUR 🥺 And it made me really happy, please go say thanks to them who voluntarily do some work and you benefit from it, they will be so happy, trust me :(

BTW, Arch Linux community was always known as a toxic community, now days though, it's so kind ❤

Is it a sin to share a non-DRM-free content here? 😅

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پروژه #درسنامه، پروژه خوبی بود که تلاش کرد خیلی‌ها رو با روشی آسان، با مفاهیم جدید در دنیای اینترنت آشنا کند. سه سالی است که تعطیل شده اما محتوای تولیدی‌شان روی گیت‌هاب قرار گرفته است.



Just see that hostux.net is shutting down, moved here from hostux.social :( so sad to see it go. thanks @valere for the great services on hostux.net


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