About two months ago I decided to use my spare time to work on a Plasma Mobile/Kirigami podcast player. Mostly because I wanted to do a hobby project to learn qml. And also a bit because there seemed to be no (mobile) linux podcast players which were anywhere near what I wanted to see in a podcast player.

Two months later I suddenly find myself with developer access to KDE and a project under review for regular release through KDE / plasma mobile. 😃

I love the FOSS and KDE communities!

@mogwai I actually installed it yesterday and so far it seems to work great for me (Arch Phosh). Thanks for the great work! :D

@gamey Glad you like it.

We hope to keep improving it. We've already got some things on the roadmap for the future.

@mogwai so awesome! Thank you for your time and effort. I don’t use it but maybe at some point I will 😊
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