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@plasmamobile Uuuui! Alligator can do podcasts? Could be become the bitter needed podcatcher on Plasma Desktop too!

@bshah @plasmamobile That’s fantastic! Hopefully, it will gain some sync mechanism in the future via NextCloud or something. Keeping your play positions and played/unplayed + favorited episodes in sync is a mayor shortcoming of all free podcatchers.


@frumble @bshah @plasmamobile Hi, I'm the guy who's working on this branch.

You've just named two of my pet peeves why I started working on this in the first place: (1) a missing, powerful podcast app that works everywhere (desktop, phone) and (2) syncing between all these form factors.

There's still an awful long way to go, but if I can keep finding the time and motivation to work on this, I definitely want to get there.

@mogwai Great! Maybe you could get help? I’m not a qualified developer for this kind of stuff but Alligator seems to ride way under the horizon for now, so more publicity could bring in new hands. :)

@frumble Well, I guess that I count as "new hands" then. 😃

I wasn't involved with Alligator at all, and only very occasionally contributed fixes to KDE. A few weeks ago, I started working on a podcast app as a hobby project to learn qml, then jumped/rebased to Alligator when I found out that it actually already had most of the basic building blocks required.

... and I'm not a qualified developer myself either. ;-)

@mogwai I’m sorry but I’m really unqualified and don’t have the time to work me in at the foreseeable future. But, how do they say: Keep up the good work!

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