I seem to be on a roll today. Here's my second post for today on how to enable/tweak the RSS feed on a hugo-generated simple.css website. This is post 3 of


I've put the resulting files you would get by following this tutorial into a Github repository:

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As my second post in , I've written a guide on how to use Hugo to generate a Simple.css website.


A huge shoutout to @kev: this post is basically the Hugo mirror image of @kev's Jekyll post.

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Just a friendly reminder to everyone to make sure you have a robust backup strategy! Since many of us control our own data on home servers and vps it's probably even more important. At a minimum get a portable external drive. For a more robust solution follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy (backblaze.com/blog/the-3-2-1-b).

Good open source backup software (in my humble opinion) includes borg (borgbackup.org), and restic (restic.net).

Don't wait until it's too late!

I've finally bitten the bullet. Encouraged by I got my self-hosted website up and running. It's very barebones right now, but it at least allows me to post my first blogpost.

The site is based on simple.css but using hugo instead of jekyll. I'll probably write a future post about that.

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99% of programming is figuring out why you received a banana when you asked for an apple.

(And the answer is always “because you actually asked for a banana all along.”)

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@computermane I very much agree speculating in such assets is somthing that is almost impossible unless you actually have expertise in them, which is why I keep my ass way away from stuff like that ;)

Been lurking here for a couple of weeks; might as well do a proper introduction now.

Got a physics PhD years back, but working in the electronics industry now.
I'm your run-of-the-mill linux and FOSS enthusiast (for over 20 years now). Switched over to linux permanently a couple of years ago.
For some reason I seem to be running mostly ARM hardware these days (several RPIs, pinebook pro, pinephone).


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