Good afternoon, happy to see people talking about the Modos Paper Laptop on HN today ✨

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at or send an email directly to

@modos Looks interesting, it can just run plain mainline Linux?

@modos I've read this There was a photo of an e-ink display in a IBM thinkpad.

Considering the laptop is focused in reading and writing, is there any possibility of getting a version of this laptop with a keyboard similar to IBM's thinkpads? That would be awesome.

They are still considered the best laptop keyboards, and no new laptop is manufactured with such a good keyboard anymore. I'm sure this would attract a lot of people too.

The MNT Reform 2 has nice key switches but a weird layout; that might be a better laptop keyboard though?

I've dreamed of an e-ink laptop screen for years. Will you make it fairly robust with a good battery so it can be used outside?

@modos oh, I wanted to build a project like this once… I just worry about the effective refresh rate, since ~7FPS seems to be state of the art for epaper :blobcatthink:

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