Clearing up misinformation 

The word "ginormous" was invented by British soldiers during WWII, not by Buddy in the Christmas movie Elf.

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Hey users, what are your favorite underrated extensions?

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As a symbol of thanks to @solderpunk for birthing Gemini I held off on putting out the last tape until I could get him the one existing physical copy, I was able to meet him at Gemini Con 2022 so, with this gesture, the project is officially done.

The final KONPEITO tape; Thank You, is now up on gemini:// and it's a really comfy one, I hope you'll enjoy it.

In the time since KONPEITO launched on Gemini the space has exploded into a really amazing and fascinating ecosystem and that's so wonderful to see, I hope KONPEITO played some small part in that.

I have two more music (well, "music") projects on the way, STREAMWEAVER and RANDOSERU, I'll keep this channel open and post a quick note at the official launch of each of those in case you are interested, otherwise you can keep up with me and my shenanigans either at gopher:// or @cat.

Lastly, I'll keep the Gemini capsule up for some time and give fair notice before I take it down but it will come down eventually. You have my heartfelt blessing to back up, mirror, archive, redistribute, share, whatever, the KONPEITO tapes. Do as you wish.

Be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #Geminiprotocol #LoFi #mixtape

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For those looking for a new search engine, I've been happy enough with Brave search. It's got the best results and UX of any Google alternative I've tried, plus it supports DDG bangs.

There's good reasons to not trust Brave though so I'm open to hearing other alternatives and why you like them.

Flamin hot Mountain Dew is a joke that went too far.

Spent a couple minutes browsing Neocities today. The modern web feels so corporate that it's nice to see people going against the trend.


There's reports that they're putting a pause on that Department of Misinformation nonsense. That's great news if true but how much you wanna bet they'll still be doing what they would've been doing anyway, just less openly?

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A collection of personal sites with a lot of retro-ish designs. Is Neocities a rabbit hole? :o

I'm a little bit late to the party but Github Copilot feels really cool. At least from a first impression. It's writing entire functions and code blocks for me and most of the time it's the same as or better than what I would have written. I'll definitely need more time with it though.

DigitalOcean is increasing their prices. Ugh.

At least they're also introducing a new cheaper plan so I might actually be able to save a little bit of money.

The moon's hiding behind a mountain right now 😠

We confuse privacy and anonymity too much when talking about online privacy. The two are related to be sure, but we should always strive for privacy while different use cases can call for different levels of anonymity.

Session seems like a pretty cool messenger! I'm probably going to recommend it over Signal from now on.

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I haven't shared this one with fedi yet, so please enjoy WTFBins: a growing database of applications that are benign, but look for all the world like malware during investigations.

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