How convenient that Louis Rossman does a video on GrapheneOS in the middle of my researching custom ROMs. I'm seriously considering it after this video and a read through of the project website.

After some more research it sounds like Google Photos backup doesn't even work with MicroG. I might hold off on the install for now.

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I'm slightly having second thoughts about installing for one reason: Google Photos. Photo backups need to be easy and they need to be easily searchable, otherwise it defeats the entire point of having a backup. As grossed out as I've gotten by Google, I have to admit they've got photos nailed.

The privacy gatekeepers over on the subreddit are dismissive and say to not even bother with Calyx if you're just going to sign into Google. How true is this?

Privacy conscious people usually know about Google's location history setting that saves a detailed record of everywhere you've ever been, potentially going years back. Something lesser known is that Google also by default keeps a detailed minute to minute log of which apps you're using on your Android phone. You can view this log with the rest of your Google app and web history.

- Official software support for my phone ends in October
- Getting more tired of the tracking Google builds into Android
- Most of my apps now are already FOSS anyway

I'm pretty sure I'll be installing CalyxOS when I get some time this week.

A Portal remaster with raytracing is not something I expected.

I'm really curious how they're pulling it off. Is it still in the Source 1 engine? If it is, how long until modders remaster other Source games?

The Google app on my phone this morning sent me an unprompted reminder about the Firefox 105 release. Why? No clue. But I'm loving the irony.

Just learned about Zeal, an offline documentation browser. Can't wait to install it on my work machine.

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A Thousand Suns was released 12 years ago today. What a great album that was, and still is.

(Belated )

Lol what have The Verge done to their website?

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Happy day of the programmer! It's the 256th day of the year.

The algorithms and interview questions class this semester has been a big confidence boost.

Remember to keep your passwords away from your home's windows to protect yourself from hackers who happen to be walking by.

I eat leftover pizza...

September Android 13 update. Wireless charging is finally fixed. VPNs are still broken. Ridiculous.

What's the deal with those laptop webcam covers? I see a lot of them. Is it a privacy thing or are people just trying to protect their webcam?

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