You know the amazing who singlehandedly created a nearly-FOSS userland modem firmware for the and ? He supports the community, is incredibly stubborn, err, persistent, in the face of a weird modem and regularly improves the firmware. You can even tell your phone modem to remind you to buy milk now via SMS. He likes coffee and we think he deserves some as a token of gratitude 😍! Pour him one ☕

@mobian its too bad the website requires to create a paypal account even when selecting credit card, i am sure there should be a setting to allow guest/ visitor account setup- even with paypal so you dont have to create create an account if that makes sense.

@goatwildernesscollective agreed, but we did not set up his donation site. It is a price to pay to support a person who spends lots of spare time to support the Free Linux mobile ecosystem.

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