If you are on biktorgj's FOSS modem firmware, there is a release github.com/Biktorgj/pinephone_ which *might* fix the modem doesn't wake from suspend issue.


And with the help of others, biktorgj put out another release of the modem firmware which might make the modem more stable than the previous releases!


There may be a "waiting for orders" error on flashing the new release on "fastboot oem stay" This isn't a fatal error and can be ignored.

Thanks @mobian With the latest FW it seems to work but I have no sound from the calls


@mobian @kop316

everything works now.
the reason of the bug is that I had a mobian/bookworm foot and a debian/bullseye foot in /etc/apt/sources.*.

@mobian I've installed it this morning, no problems yet. Previous versions would definitely fail at least twice a day. Nice improvement!

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