Using as a main phone Day 1

First hurdle: for the life of me I can't import my contacts. I have a Nextcloud instance, so I installed the Contacts app and imported my old phone's contacts.

In GNOME's parameters, I set up my Nextcloud account as an external account. I can even access it in Portfolio, the file manager.

But GNOME Contacts is still obstinately empty. And of course, no option to import contacts from a file. 🙄

@normandc If you configure Nextcoud as an online contact, you should have a switch to sync contacts (just below calendar) which should make the contacts available. Importing contacts locally works best with evolution....

@mobian configure Nextcloud as an online contact? I'm confused. In Gnome Contacts you mean? As a single contact? 🤔


@normandc no. Settings->Online Accounts->Add an account->Nextcloud

Configure the account, enable contacts and voilá they should pop up in your contacts app and be synchronized..,

@normandc @mobian I think the Nextcloud configuration dialog is only partially visible on the screen, but the switches can still be reached...

@mobian that's what I had already did, and no, contacts didn't pop up automagically. Anyway, I imported my contacts manually from a vcf file using Evolution, as explained in the wiki. I deleted my Nextcloud account from Gnome's online accounts. From what's been mentioned in this thread, it's no longer working anyway?

@normandc Nextcloud works as a Gnome Online Account. Just the tool "syncevolution" was dropped, but that is unrelated. If Nextcloud contacts don't sync that is a bug.

@normandc @mobian GOA works for me to sync contacts with nextcloud.. mostly.. some contacts that are in nextcould don't show up in Contacts. It's the same on Arch on my laptop, same contacts don't show up, but I never took my time to investigate...

@fabrixxm @normandc Uhh, ohh, missing contacts is ... surprising. Would be nice to isolate on of those accounts to find out why it does not sync...

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