@mobian community edition is starting to arrive! (this is the convergence 3GB version). Thanks @PINE64 (this phone has been purchased as a regular customer, and was in no way sponsored BTW)

@mobian @PINE64 I love this back cover so much! Really hope they're available later on.

@Jojonintendo @PINE64 It is actually really beautiful. Both the box (kudos to Danny Colin) and the phone.

@aristides2 @PINE64 blog post on the first update upcoming. It is a bit trickier as the factory image is rather old.

@FriendofBernie Really easy- take off the back cover and the IMEI is printed at the bottom of the EG25-G. You can also find it in settings of Phosh under Mobile.

@RTP Ah, thank you! Under Mobile all I get is turn Airplane mode on or off, but there it is on the EG25-G. Extremely tiny, but I'll get it. Makes it possible to get a sim card for it.

Open to U.S. based recommendations, not that there are many choices...

Official T-Mobile/AT&T works but I do suggest activating the sim on another phone first. Certain employees will not recognize the IMEI of the pinephone, sometimes causing them to call it unsupported (this happens across carriers).

Better yet check this for information on carrier support:

@RTP In the pine64 forum there is someone who had a sim card and carrier working, then after a idk a few days/week, they got a notice that the phone was unsupported.

Ah yes, this is why I wanted to warn you to be careful and choose your carrier wisely. Very good on you to look into the carrier first. Save yourself some heartache. ;)

Someone mentioned Cricket now blocking under what they call "whitelisting"... but we should call it out exactly as it is: BLACKLISTING. If a carrier supported a phone and suddenly blocks that phone under new "whitelist" policy. It is semantics game. It is blacklisting.

@RTP Yes, it was cricket.
One place I went to was very confused. They wanted to handle the phone, I wouldn't let them. A second emloyee came in and said, You won't let us get into your phone so we can't help you. The next place was worse than that. T-mobile will probably take any $thing$ but their service is slow. The phone is my internet, at least until libraries open.

@RTP For a long while the local cable co was sending with weekly junk mail a flyer about wireless phone service, but it required a cable account so that was out for me. But more recently that part did not appear in the flyers; that was the place I went to, but apparently they stopped their association with that carrier.

@RTP responded, link below.
On my #pinephone - Mobian 12/15/2020 - there is nothing but Airplane mode on/off; but IMEI is inside, tiny. see:

@mobian None of that shows up here. Looks like you have a sim card installed. I don't and so far unable to get one unless they (carrier) can have a IMEI.

One place told me it would show up with magic number combo, but that did not work either - again because there has to be a carrier service on it to get it. It's been a puzzle until seeing it on the modem itself tonight.

I am seriously waiting for the next stable Mobian OS. I've tried a couple of the Nightlys. This 12/15/2020 version - at update software, it says it cannot update due to dependancy, below is blank or black on black, and it just stops there. I was just trying it.

@FriendofBernie See the section on the graphical updater in . We are afraid you will have to update via the console tools once...

@selea Yay!! 👍👍👍

You won! I’m desperatly waiting for the SMS saying mine is ready for pickup...

@mobian @PINE64
Hello...Do you have a logo of mobian for me? I want to write a blog post in my blog ;-)

I have an earlier CE #pinephone. Looking forward to your best #Mobian updated image. Please post a link when you have it ready. Thanks!


@FriendofBernie @PINE64 Pick any recent nightly from our download page and follow the installation instructions in our wiki.

@mobian @PINE64
Are the instructions any more complicated than flash the image to an SD card? Then if you like it, flash to the emmc card.

Oh wait maybe they are.. your next message - reading now.

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 IMHO, the easiest is to plug in a jumpdrive SD card and flash the image directly from your computer via USB cable to the emmc. But there are plenty of possibilities....

@mobian @PINE64

If I flash a new image instead of doing the upgrades, will that avoid the problems?

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 the latest nightlies should have the problematic PAM update already, so yes. On the other hand, upgrading from the factory image is not terribly difficult if you take those things in the blog post into account.

@mobian @PINE64 Yes, but I don't have the "factory image" to start with. From here it is not the difficulty, it's the long updating and keeping the phone awake - I probably would not have the phone plugged in because I'd go somewhere where there is fast (somewhat, not always speedy) wifi. Connectivity is a problem here.

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 keeping the awake is easy: prepend "gnome-session-inhibit" to the long-running command, e.g. "sudo gnome-session-inhibit apt upgrade". Done. :)

@mobian @PINE64 One more thing - I'm never going to be using Matrix! because of the captcha thing.

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 We am glad that "chatty" has builtin XMPP/jabber support then :-). And many IRC applications...
(P.S. I am using matrix and have never seen or done a captcha, so I am not quite sure what you refer to).

@mobian @PINE64 I tried making a Matrix acct twice (once this last weekend), both times got that. Maybe you joined before they put that on. But really, using google...?

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 You know that matrix is a decentralized and federated service? ;-)
You can e.g. create accounts on,,.... not only on

@mobian @PINE64 Yes, Iknew that it was a decentralized service, that's why it was offensive to see the google captcha thing. But I did not know that you could create an account in other ways. The one I used this weekend was on fosdem.

@mobian @PINE64 It will depend on when and where I am, but right now it will be simpler for me to download the 1.xGB image than it would be to upgrade 556-600MB to the phone.

@FriendofBernie @PINE64 You will either want the nightly image then, but this does not allow disc encryption (which the factory image offers). For this you will have to download the installer image.

@mobian @PINE64 Is this a separate image? Remember I don't have the factory image to begin with. I started with the postmarketos, followed the instructions and created the encrypted disk and had always worried whether I'd be able to overwrite the emmc - but it was no problem at all.

@mobian Ah, but the installer image is from December, alpha. How close is the Feb10 nightly to "next stable"?

@FriendofBernie at some point we will simply rename one of the nightlies to be the next stable. After updating they are all the same anyway. Usually, we do it ca. once a month.

@mobian Oh, ok. I had tried a couple from January, but thought I should wait. Mobian is the OS that more works than others.
What time is it where you are? I can't believe I'm still awake here - it's lie 0500.

@mobian Thank you, this has been informative, very much appreciated. I have to get some sleep now.

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