If you have not yet ordered your branded , why not? You know they are a limited batch, did you not know? A few of them are left, so get yours and support us with 10$ and get on your mobile phone! How cool is that?

I need a #mobian backplate for my incoming #pinephone . Worse case scenario, I could slap on a sticker- but it wouldn't be as cool...

@mobian Argh, i already have a pine phone. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to test some software without changing the system of the device I actually use or regularly boot my phone into an other system. On the other hand, I haven't time for meaningful support of the project anyway. Maybe i just donate. And maybe I'll buy another mobianable device for performance reasons anyway later.

@cybercow just boot on an SD card with whatever system you want.

When the test is done, remove the SD card and boot on the built-in eMMC.

(cc @mobian)

@DaD @mobian Thanks I know that. It's reasonably easy and at the moment no big deal but assuming that one day it runs well enough to use it as my only phone, the fact that I possibly can't use it as such for quite some time is at least very annoying.

@mobian i can't justify buying another pinephone both for climate and other considerations. But how can I pay you the 10$ without buying the phone?


One way to support them is to donate via Liberapay:

(Btw: they should definitly put their logo in there, so that it does look more official;))


I already own a Pinephone and a Pinephone Convergence as well as use Mobian and donate monthly. To anybody not in my shoes order away !

@mobian I ordered one. I hope it manages to get to me in Brexit Britain.

Won't be useable for proper until Signal runs though.

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