We are moved all of our repos from Gitlab.com to salsa.debian.org/Mobian-team

Please use this for the new home for all things Mobian Gitlab related.

This Month in Mobian June 22 is out: blog.mobian.org/posts/2022/06/

An oversimplifying summary of what has happened in June. (and yes, that implies we are not going to do anything for mobian in the remaining few hours anymore 😝)

Thanks to @linmob for posting this in their weekly. The Pinephone modem runs Doom just fine at 2fps. @biktorgj is incredible....

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And if you have a newer installation which does not use extrepo anymore, something like
`apt-key --keyring=mobian.gpg`
will import the mobian.gpg key file.

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Oopsy daisy, the mobian repo's gpg key has expired and nobody noticed. Well until it was too late. If you get error messages about expired keys, you might want to add the new one manually

curl -s repo.mobian.org/mobian.gpg.key | sudo tee /var/lib/extrepo/keys/mobian.asc

The above command might be working for you. We will think how to get new keys in a safe way onto your device in the future.

We just migrated the :matrix chat room to a newer version. Unfortunately, it might offer you a new (and not existing room) to migrate into. So if that fails, you might need to leave the room and rejoin it. The correct room address is at matrix.to/#/!WCicGPuipeFZTgJWr (still :matrix.org). Sorry if we lost you from the room and hope to see you back soon.

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📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at: do-not-ship.it

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see: do-not-ship.it/sign

It might not seem so, but under the hood things are moving in - land. Lots of goodies for your and other devices. This is a monthly summery of noteworthy things. More summaries will hopefully be published during the next months...


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Calls v43.alpha.1 has been released 🚀
It's actually a couple of days old already, but I got distracted by all the nice people I met at #debianreunion \o/

Anyway this is the first release with support for SRTP!


#gnomeonmobile #librem5 #calls #sip #phosh #gnome #mobile #gnu #linux @purism

You know the amazing mobile.twitter.com/biktorgj who singlehandedly created a nearly-FOSS userland modem firmware for the and ? He supports the community, is incredibly stubborn, err, persistent, in the face of a weird modem and regularly improves the firmware. You can even tell your phone modem to remind you to buy milk now via SMS. He likes coffee and we think he deserves some as a token of gratitude 😍! Pour him one ☕ ko-fi.com/biktorgj

A recent kernel upgrade was missing some bits, preventing the proximity sensor on the to properly work during phone calls (and prevent hanging up with your face during calls). This has now been corrected.

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oooh Phosh is getting automatic scaling based on output resolution with this neat MR by Arnaud from @MobianLinux

Tested on OnePlus 6 💪


On a with full disk encryption (FDE), you might experience a bootloop after upgrading to kernel 5.17. We are on it, to get things back to booting, tweak /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf to use the 5.16 kernel, which works.

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Hey everyone. I've got some exciting plans to share regarding what I want to work on for GNOME 43 and beyond. Take a look here: blogs.gnome.org/christopherdav

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Someone on my Discord tried out the new experimental gestures on the Poco F1. Amazing job with this @GuidoGuenther

(Video shows the Phosh UI, the notification drawer can now be opened by swiping down instead of tapping the status bar)

The recent phoc upgrade in @debian broke touch/mouse input for all qt apps. There is a patch and @mobian will do an emergency upload to mobian's repo, testing if it fixes it.

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