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Those trying to update their @mobian for the first time after receiving it, should carefully read our post on the pitfalls during this first update. There are a few complications:

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@mobian wrote an interesting recap of the project after one year, and they forgot to toot about it here!

Hat tip to @linmob for mentioning it in their weekly roundup.

If you are running stable mobian on your , an upgrade to phoc and phosh has just been pushed that makes it crash less often. Unstable user have it already been testing for a while.

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#phosh 0.10.0 is out 🚀 :

Besides plenty of fixes #phosh can now be a #geoclue agent (so location services can work) and has support for reboot/shutdown dialogs (which are used when e.g. gnome-software wants to reboot or when you shut down the system from the menu).

See above release notes for the full list of changes and contributors.

#librem5 @purism #gnomeonmobile #gnome

If you wonder if things are a bit quieter around mobian, the answer might be: yes. With upstream @debian being focused on releasing bullseye and us tracking , integrating new things is a bit harder right now. Once bullseye is released, we will be starting to track bookworm as we explained in

A recent upgrade of plymouth in Debian wants to reset your Mobian boot splash to the standard Debian screen. While that does not hurt, just say "N" (the default choice) when it asks whether you want to change »/etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf« on upgrade. We should have been able to prevent that, but hindsight is a beautiful thing.

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Ok, next images should be able to mount encrypted usb media (and sd cards?). We added libblockdev-crypto2 to enable autodecryption of LUKS-encrypted USB sticks. Existing installations can simply install that package via apt.

@bilelmoussaoui, the maintainer of gnome-authenticator (a nice TOTP 2FA app) has approached us to have the old version removed from the default set of applications. Any newer version depends on gtk4 so is not available for us (now). You can always install it, it will just be dropped from the preinstalled applications.

@debian has updated gnome-weather in testing to work again. And so it does in @mobian.
Yay, no need to go outside to learn if it's raining. 🌧️

Clearly violating Heisenberg's unknown 2nd law that observers of something should modify that something as little as possible ;-).

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In case you are bored and want to help the mobile phone ecosystem: gnome-usage's graph creation sucks 86% of the CPU's lifeblood. Slash that little vampire!

Found Bug, Bugged Maintainer, Fixed Bug, Bugged Packager, Bug (nearly) gone.

Thanks everybody upstream (smuellerDD), at @mobian and at (Luca Boccassi). You all rock!

If you are on Mobian unstable or have already installed the 5.11 kernel, there is a bug with jitterentropy-rngd using 100% CPU. It is known upstream, there is a patch fixing it, and it has been proposed to (remember, we prefer fixing stuff in the right place rather than locally). Until the jitterentropy-rngs package has been upgraded, you could temporarily workaround with "sudo systemctl disable jitterentropy" (but don't forget to turn it on again after the package has been upgraded)

In case you want to learn a little more about the mobian unstable distribution, we put up some information at

New installer (alpha5) for @mobian on the .

It allows to 1) directly install mobian on the eMMC from the SD card (or on the SD card from the SD card), 2) choose your base file system and 3) encrypt the disk.

Get it at

@mobian starting from march 1, those nightlies are working again, in case you missed it.

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Shameless self-plug
wl-screenshot is now available in the unstable @mobian repo and gives you that screenshot app on the that you always wanted 📸 .

We now have an unstable repo for those wanting the latest and greatest ;).

Just edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/extrepo_mobian.sources and replace Suite: mobian with Suite: unstable

Latest phosh and megapixels are already waiting for you there.

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