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Feature suggestion: add CW warning only to QT/RT so that original content gets posted in the open on Mastodon

On our gitlab:

You can also just @-mention us with ideas here or come chat in our Matrix.

Next up: find some more developer contributors!

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Thank you @moaparty 🙏

I have just linked my Twitter and Mastodon accounts together via

I had looked for a way to achieve this years ago, but only serendipitously found it as @dunglas RTed me and was notified about a boost!

Thank you to @baltpeter for your kind donation via @opencollect to support Moa!

Moa is run as a public utility, find out more on the website

Ok! We’ve tracked down “Worker 10” who was asleep on the job.

If your account was all setup but just…not… crossposting, you were likely on worker 10’s queue. Worker 10 has been sent back to work!

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The Internet is amazing: I started using a while back to link my Twitter and Mastodon accounts together, and they recently started using the Jekyll-based digital garden template I built. Win-win! Thank you ❤️

@marcozehe yes in some cases it seems a disconnect / reconnect is needed for some accounts. We moved servers and some Mastodon servers seem to need a re-auth.

Please let us know!

Thank you @vaillancourtmax for creating the Digital Garden Jekyll template!

We use it for our community website, so we donated to your Ko-Fi today as part of supporting our dependencies

@rosano @douginamug yes, we'd like to bring back cross-posting. @bmann has donated $500 to the goal already, and here are our notes

Hey all! We just migrated everything to this account from the original account

Your resident toot-er is mostly @bmann, the other maintainers are @flancian @vera

Join the party on the new website

So, uh, yep, the 403 came back 🤦‍♀️

We really, actually, truly flipped the switch to not have this come back.

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Ok! An incorrect setting in DNS that temporarily pointed at the old server. Corrected. Because of DNS, may take a few minutes to respond.

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@starbreaker there are many people who do enjoy cross posting in one or the other direction — eg Mastodon -> Birdsite only.

We have a setting to hide content from the Birdsite with a cw as an option for users.

We have heard that some instances have a no cross posting policy, which is definitely a valid approach.

Feature idea: auto translate Mastodon to Twitter accounts and vice versa. Posted to the GitLab issue

is this a good idea?

@TheRebelUnleashed ah, that’s unfortunate! Working for accounts we have access to at the moment, but have one other report like this. Will check the logs.

@arilin it is fully working, you’re the first we’ve heard that it isn’t.

And a cross post that I just did on another account a few minutes ago worked fine.

Will check the logs to see if we see anything with your account!

As part of moving the server to new hosting, we made a mistake with the Twitter API keys. All fixed!

Thanks to everyone that messaged, joined the Matrix channel, or otherwise got in touch.

The website also now has a feed, more prominent contact info, and an experimental email report.

@khaos_farbauti Twitter should be restored now, please let us know if any other issues

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