Hey all! We just migrated everything to this account from the original pdx.social account moaparty.com/status/2021/03/28

Your resident toot-er is mostly @bmann, the other maintainers are @flancian @vera

Join the party on the new website moaparty.com/moaparty/

Ok! An incorrect setting in DNS that temporarily pointed at the old server. Corrected. Because of DNS, may take a few minutes to respond.

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Feature idea: auto translate Mastodon to Twitter accounts and vice versa. Posted to the GitLab issue gitlab.com/fedstoa/moa/-/issue

is this a good idea?

As part of moving the server to new hosting, we made a mistake with the Twitter API keys. All fixed!


Thanks to everyone that messaged, joined the Matrix channel, or otherwise got in touch.

The website also now has a feed, more prominent contact info, and an experimental email report.

The is live. Check out the new community & status updates website at moaparty.com

Thanks to original maintainer @foozmeat for help in the transition and all his work in creating the code & running the service to date.

Hello! This is a project account for , an open source tool for cross posting between , , and other systems.

@flancian, @vera, and @bmann are a squad working on hosting and maintaining it as a public utility, as well as adding new features, like support for [[wikilinks]] directly into your via git.

The home base is currently GitLab to get involved gitlab.com/fedstoa/moa, where you'll also find a link to the Matrix chat room.


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