Hello everyone! We’re happy to see lots of new people checking out the fediverse and cross posting services like Moa Party.

We run the main install of the app at moa.party as a public utility.

If you’d like to learn more about what that means & who is involved, check out the website moaparty.com/moaparty/


All of the current maintainers are volunteers. You’ll find @flancian doing the heavy lifting on keeping the server running & @bmann does comms & ops

If you’d like to contribute, we would welcome both volunteer & paid development on the codebase, as well as design & docs.

Paid development??? Yes! We’d love to fix bugs and edge cases, as well as add features, and have a way for the people who appreciate to help fund this.

Head over to our OpenCollective opencollective.com/moa

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