@cyberghost Is this a hybrid graphics laptop? You will have to switch to NVIDIA graphics mode.

@bazurk The next Pipewire update in Pop will up the pulse resample-quality and add multiple sample rates. If there are any other specific changes to be made you can report them and I'll add them to the default config.

@bazurk What changes do I need to make to the default Pipewire configuration?

@doctormo @system76 I heard that installing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome fixes the GNOME screen sharing issue in Wayland.

@nytpu I brought this up with the maintainer of the ferris-says crate and they fixed the dependency issue. It no longer pulls in the clap crate because the binary project has been separated from the library, and some of the few remaining crates were removed because they aren't actually used by the crate. They were simply fetched because they're defined in the Cargo.toml, even if they never got compiled and linked.

@augustsnowpaw @AaronTheIssueGuy All of the features are configurable in the Desktop settings panel, and it's still mostly the same UI as before besides having a dock enabled by default

@XxAlexXx @littlealzi_art@baraag.net People are much more complex than programming languages. Most concepts in a programming language carry over to other programming languages. And men are just as difficult to understand as women, to be perfectly honest. The assumption that men are simpletons to understand is kind of sexist, honestly.

@nebunez Doesn't make sense in a world where Mattermost and Matrix exists. Especially if being used in a professional capacity. Discord is for gamers, not professionals.

@veer66 @appelgriebsch @daremo Do they? I've been using Rust professionally for several years at :system76:. Libraries we depend on haven't changed much in the last couple years.

There are newer libraries with better solutions, for sure, and I think that's a huge bonus to see Rust getting simpler solutions to complex problems over time. We're doing things that just aren't possible to achieve in C or C++ at this degree of simplicity.

@uwucookie Most GNOME applications are just GTK applications. They don't typically depend on more than just GTK, GLib, & Gio. Sometimes they pull in libhandy widgets or GtkWebKit for a web view.

@daremo @appelgriebsch Sounds like what you wanted was Zig. Rust is still the best language period, but it takes time to master it.

@thriftygamer83 You have to start demanding the makers of these products to support Linux. Won't change until people do. It's not Linux that supports devices. It's the hardware manufacturers that have to support Linux.

@lobsters Unfortunately, it doesn't explain why Rust is better together with Go. As someone who knows both, I personally don't see a reason why they should be used together at all. There may have been a point in time when this was not the case a couple years ago, but things have changed in the last year. It's now actually easier to write services in Rust than it is in Go.

@brandon I think the most important thing is having a routine. Going to bed early and waking up earlier to give yourself enough time to fully wake up before the day starts.

If you have to, all natural sleeping pills can be a great help for those of us who simply think too much. I've been taking BetterSleep for a couple months now with great success. Makes it easier to get into the habit, or prevent my routine from getting skewed when I stray from the path.

@sanchez I struggle with the same thing. It's difficult to come to terms with the desire to work on things while also having a full time job. But you'll end up being unable to do either once you burn out.

I have an alarm clock that sets off at designated times where I force myself to sleep. If I know that I'm feeling too energetic, I may resort to all natural sleeping pills, like "BetterSleep". But sometimes it's unavoidable that I need extra time for my day job. I just try to avoid the habit.

@brandon First and foremost, you have to not fret about time or lack of accomplishment with it. Setting some simple goals can help with getting the sense of accomplishment without adding to your stress.

For me, that may sometimes be putting time in a personal project, or stepping away from the computer entirely and doing something else. Outdoor activities like gardening or cycling. Or spending time indoors cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Sleep is honestly the most important goal, though.

@Phate6660 You just need to resolve the root of the problem. There's no reason to fret about licenses. Pick your license and be done with it.

MIT/Apache-2.0 dual licensing, grants compatibility with GPL and patent protection. Most commonly used by open source libraries.

GPL, commonly used by applications, which has viral copyleft licensing on anything forking or using it.

MPL-2.0, which is a middle ground between GPL and MIT. Project is copyleft, but no viral licensing clauses.

@brandon If possible, you should take a long break. But it has to be an actual break and not filling up your break with stressful activities. Maybe set some reasonably small goals.

@sanchez First and foremost, sleep and have strict cut off times. If you do not do this consistently, then you will eventually burn out completely. Then you will watch as work piles up and you aren't able to complete no matter how much time you spend on it.

Generally, let the work pile up as it may. You are taking on more work than you can reasonably achieve. If you give people the expectation that you can do X amount of work regularly, then they start expecting it.

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