@dmoonfire To be fair, your code wouldn't break under Rust's model because the existence of a debug crate wouldn't cause you to suddenly import it.

Who wants a decentralised github?

No servers or self hosting, no third parties.

Written in Rust!

Let us know what you'd like: safenetforum.org/t/safe-git-ui
#decentralise #github #Rust

xshell[0] is going to be super nice for replacing shell scripts with #rust code. Invocation goes like this:

filename = "foo bar";
output = cmd!("file", filename).read().unwrap();

- no shell is actually being run, you don't have to worry about inadvertant expansions (eg. variable or whitespace expansions)
- non-zero exit codes are returned as Result::Err, so you have to handle those

[0]: docs.rs/xshell/0.1.3/xshell/in

@s31bz Even if they're not, everything's written in Rust and easy to install from source. I would recommend ensuring that you're part of the `adm` group though in order to get PolicyKit permissions to the services. May be some issues with the power management assuming you generate your initramfs the Ubuntu way, so throwing a script at that path is ideal.

@celia I do lock my systems several times a day, but everything still works when I log back in. This is peculiar.

@greypilgrim You can crosscompile with cargo by installing that OS's toolchain and selecting it as the target. This applies to all compiled languages. You can't run ELF binaries for Linux on Windows.

@greypilgrim You're essentially just asking which of them compile to binaries. Both Go and Rust compile to a binary.

@happybeing The setup for Tauri was a bit too involved for me, but I was able to get web-view running instantly without any dependencies.

They have a lot of examples on their GitHub repository.


The gist is that you can can program events in the HTML and JS with `external.invoke('event-name')`, catch them in Rust and run `webview.eval()` to update the HTML.

I'm sure Tauri is great all-in-one opinionated solution if you can get past the initial setup though.

@celia How so? Some things are out of our control, like people installing Dash to Dock and it breaking the whole desktop after they updated it this week.

@happybeing Have you looked into using web-view by itself? It's easy enough to use it by itself without all the enforced dependencies and tooling that Tauri adds on top.

@paleobiologist We have a very supportive user-friendly community at Pop!_OS. More things work out of the box than's usual on some other Linux distributions. NVIDIA drivers, Steam, Flathub, etc.


Not sure if joke.


We're willing to help out if you drop by our chat.


I'm also on Matrix at :matrix.org.

@Ghosty @kev I've heard a few of these reports, and the one thing in common seems to be that each person has a magnetic hard drive instead of a SSD. Not totally certain on that, though. You could try disabling system76-power to see if it's a power profile doing this.

System76 doesn't have a say in how Clevo designs their laptops, so you would have to bring your criticism to Clevo.

We are currently in the early stages of designing our own laptops, and then will we when we have complete control over the quality and specs of each product.

It will take a few a years for the required R&D costs, and expanding the factory to support Thelio and the new line of custom laptops.

For now, we're doing the best with what we have, and writing open source firmware.

@liaizon It's still a work in progress, but it is nearing completion. There's a lot of progress each day.

@fin_ger @ebel

That's certainly true. It is the one thing which I dislike about it. However, it's not a problem which can't be fixed.

@liaizon You might be interested in this, then: github.com/pop-os/shell

It will be installed by default in Pop!_OS 20.04, so you can get the i3 experience within GNOME, without giving up the GNOME features.

@ebel The creator of Node also thinks it was a mistake, and that Deno is what Node should have been. TypeScript is the preferred language for Deno, and scripts are executed in a sandbox by default. Deno itself is written in Rust.



You may want to update your extension since this area (and others) have changed.

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