Pop!_OS 18.04 :popos: was more stable than Pop!_OS 20.04 for me, on my laptop.

@celia How so? Some things are out of our control, like people installing Dash to Dock and it breaking the whole desktop after they updated it this week.

@mmstick I haven't had any issues with Dash to Dock recently. 🤔

My problem *might* be a GNOME issue. Screen going to sleep/lock is a nightmare as it does have trouble either coming back to life altogether (move around cursor a LOT, or plug in the headphone so the audio in type selection dialog shows up), or gets stuck for forever when I type my password in (correctly) and hit Enter. At which point...force reboot.


@celia I do lock my systems several times a day, but everything still works when I log back in. This is peculiar.

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