What do you think offers the most convenient experience for a Windows user to execute a program if they don't already have the language installed?

@greypilgrim You're essentially just asking which of them compile to binaries. Both Go and Rust compile to a binary.

@mmstick OK. I wrote one of the Rust tutorial programs on my Linux desktop and built a release binary, but I couldn’t figure out how to conveniently run it on a Windows machine. When I searched around, every result said to use cargo and talked of compiling, but I don’t want the user to compile! I have to be missing something really simple.

The binary runs “on my machine” as I’ve heard many times from devs at work. 😛


@greypilgrim You can crosscompile with cargo by installing that OS's toolchain and selecting it as the target. This applies to all compiled languages. You can't run ELF binaries for Linux on Windows.

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