Two whole days not thinking or writing code has proved enough, I'm gonna play with Tauri tomorrow (a Rust based, cross platform, framework independent, lightweight replacement for things like electron).

Any Tauri fans here?

I'll probably work #Svelte in there, and have an idea to start a non web app version of my visualisation lab.

#Rust #tauri

@happybeing Have you looked into using web-view by itself? It's easy enough to use it by itself without all the enforced dependencies and tooling that Tauri adds on top.

@mmstick no, so I'm not sure of the pros and cons. Have you done this? Any pointers welcome, thanks.


@happybeing The setup for Tauri was a bit too involved for me, but I was able to get web-view running instantly without any dependencies.

They have a lot of examples on their GitHub repository.

The gist is that you can can program events in the HTML and JS with `external.invoke('event-name')`, catch them in Rust and run `webview.eval()` to update the HTML.

I'm sure Tauri is great all-in-one opinionated solution if you can get past the initial setup though.

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