@kev I like thet Pop Shop too! It's really user-friendly. Have you experienced any stability issues with it?
I tried the new Pop OS out too and the Pop Shop would freeze on a regular basis, sadly. :(

@Ghosty I haven’t had any issues with it to be fair.

@kev That’s good to hear! Probably was an issue on my side then.
This was the only thing that held me back from recommending Pop! OS to new people.

Because it frooze like 3/5 times after a short period of time.
And sometimes didn’t even open up until I did a full reboot.


@Ghosty @kev I've heard a few of these reports, and the one thing in common seems to be that each person has a magnetic hard drive instead of a SSD. Not totally certain on that, though. You could try disabling system76-power to see if it's a power profile doing this.

@mmstick @kev Weird. I've used and SSD. Will try the hack anyway.
Thank you!

@Ghosty @mmstick interesting. Both my machines are running SSD, so it seems to fit that pattern.

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