Pop Shell — advanced tiling window management for 20.04 — is now very close to completion.

As of today, the GNOME Shell extension has been fully converted to TypeScript to get all of those static type-checking guarantees. Requires TypeScript 3.7 at minimum.

Features include:

- i3-like tiling window management mode
- Grid-snapping mode
- Inner and outer gaps
- Ability to disable title bars of server-side windows
- Drag & drop support
- Window focus nav & search

@mmstick Awesome work! About grid snapping, can you now easily move windows to 1/4 of the screen?

@kylejj The only limit is how far a window allows you to shrink it. Windows can snap to the grid when you drag or resize them; or may be placed entirely with the keyboard. The column and row size can be defined.

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