Currently experimenting with a couple of patches for 's Mutter in 19.04. These patches will reduce CPU usage, as well as input and framerate latency and stutter.

There's a "geometric picking" patch, for example, which cuts NVIDIA CPU usage in half.

I'll announce whichever patches I test that end up working out. With any luck you'll have a more responsive Pop!_OS desktop by the end of the day.

@mmstick That's amazing! I assume they're being upstreamed too, right?

@apetresc These are patches being backported that have already been submitted to GNOME's Gitlab Mutter repo, but yet have largely been in limbo for the last 3-12 months, or have been merged in the development branch.

If you add `.patch` to the end of a merge request, you can get back a raw patch file, which is what I'm including in our debian packages being tested right now.

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