1st Semifinal of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Python advanced to this round with wins over Object Pascal, Fortran and Lisp, while Rust battled it out against Julia, Ruby and C++.

Who will make it to the big final?

languages shouldn't have official discord "servers" tbh.
if the discussion isn't available on a public platform, you fucked up.


CXX — safe FFI between C++ and

This is great news for anyone needing to write bindings to call C++ libraries from Rust, and vice versa.

I'm now releasing an async crate which serves to enable copying and validating bytes from a single reader, to multiple writers concurrently. This will be used in the upcoming async rewrite of the Popsicle application.


I finally got tired of having process exit status error handling boilerplate in all of our projects, so here's a crate that provides an `AsResult<T, E>` and `IntoResult<T, E>` trait, with a default impl for `ExitStatus` and `Output`.


To all programmers on that want to use the kernel's new pidfd feature to asynchronously await on many child processes from the same thread -- reliably -- I've released the [pidfd] crate, which achieves precisely that.

Note, however, that Linux 5.3 is the minimum requirement to use this crate. Linux 5.4 is required to get the exit status from terminated processes (use the `waitid` feature).

Testing would be highly welcome!

[pidfd]: github.com/pop-os/pidfd

This doesn't build yet, but it will be the first commit to replace gnome-shell's style code with Rust. Here, replace color parsing with rust-cssparser. Adds hsl() and spec-compliant parsing as a bonus.


1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 135 deletions(-)
src/st/st-theme-node.c | 152 ++++++-------------------------------------------

I need to hook up a git submodule or something for Stylish gitlab.gnome.org/federico/styl - gnome-shell's styles in #rustlang

Recorded at System76 Headquarters from the 3rd annual Superfan event, this one is special.

Hear from CEO Carl Richell about the company's laptop plans, their roadmap, the features coming to Pop OS, the origins of System76, and so much more!

Also, robots.

#Linux #Podcast #Thelio #System76


With the new async / await syntax in , working with futures is easier than ever.

This weekend, I've spent some time rewriting my `async-fetcher` crate with the new syntax. The result is more features, and better performance, at a fraction of the original amount of code.

The new rewrite now supports execution on current-thread runtimes, with optional support for speeding up downloads by using multiple connections to download the same file from multiple URLs.

Ex: github.com/pop-os/async-fetche

First release of cargo-node on crates.io. It's a cargo sub command to build, run and deploy applications as browser, electron or cordova app.


To all that are using :popos:, the GNOME Shell / Mutter optimization patches were pushed to the stable repositories last night.

After upgrading to the latest packages, you will need to reboot in order to see the improved :gnome: performance.

A recap of all of the included patches will be in this week's, "This Week in Pop!"

From the and shell patches that I've selected for testing, on a laptop connected to external displays, we go from:

* Intermittent desktop hangs that last for a few seconds, where the mouse stops responding
* Massive screen tearing of windows on external displays
* Visibly-noticeable laggy mouse movements


* No more desktop hangs
* Smooth mouse cursor movements
* Tear-free external displays
* Noticeably more responsive applications

It's like is now.

Currently experimenting with a couple of patches for 's Mutter in 19.04. These patches will reduce CPU usage, as well as input and framerate latency and stutter.

There's a "geometric picking" patch, for example, which cuts NVIDIA CPU usage in half.

I'll announce whichever patches I test that end up working out. With any luck you'll have a more responsive Pop!_OS desktop by the end of the day.

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