With the new async / await syntax in , working with futures is easier than ever.

This weekend, I've spent some time rewriting my `async-fetcher` crate with the new syntax. The result is more features, and better performance, at a fraction of the original amount of code.

The new rewrite now supports execution on current-thread runtimes, with optional support for speeding up downloads by using multiple connections to download the same file from multiple URLs.

Ex: github.com/pop-os/async-fetche

First release of cargo-node on crates.io. It's a cargo sub command to build, run and deploy applications as browser, electron or cordova app.


To all that are using :popos:, the GNOME Shell / Mutter optimization patches were pushed to the stable repositories last night.

After upgrading to the latest packages, you will need to reboot in order to see the improved :gnome: performance.

A recap of all of the included patches will be in this week's, "This Week in Pop!"

From the and shell patches that I've selected for testing, on a laptop connected to external displays, we go from:

* Intermittent desktop hangs that last for a few seconds, where the mouse stops responding
* Massive screen tearing of windows on external displays
* Visibly-noticeable laggy mouse movements


* No more desktop hangs
* Smooth mouse cursor movements
* Tear-free external displays
* Noticeably more responsive applications

It's like is now.

Currently experimenting with a couple of patches for 's Mutter in 19.04. These patches will reduce CPU usage, as well as input and framerate latency and stutter.

There's a "geometric picking" patch, for example, which cuts NVIDIA CPU usage in half.

I'll announce whichever patches I test that end up working out. With any luck you'll have a more responsive Pop!_OS desktop by the end of the day.

is now hiring for both a senior back end web developer, and full stack web developer / team manager. Experience with and the Phoenix web framework is required. Must be willing to relocate. See the career page for more details. developers, represent!


@fosstodon Any chance that we could get a :system76: emoji for this instance? Speaking as the maintainer of :popos: at System76 :P


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