Gnome 40 release video. I'm really looking forward to giving it a shot. Sorry about the YouTube link.

@mike I'm always impressed with the looks of GNOME, but when I try it, I'm not equally impressed.

I'm all for the 'single monitor hyper focus one thing at the time' philosophy, but GNOME takes that way to far by making it annoying to even run more than one thing at the time. :/

@hund @mike I think GNOME 40 is particularly well suited for laptops. Using the touch pad / touch screen gestures is quite nice.

@robby @mike That's what most users keeps telling me, while all developers of GNOME say it's made for advanced keyboard users. I'm rather confused. :P


@hund @robby @mike My experience is, that it is both: wherever your hand currently are, you can interact with Gnome. I mostly use the keyboard, but sometimes my hands are already on the touchpad and so it is faster usign the gestures.

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