Just learned about hvfloat (ctan.org/pkg/hvfloat) at . Really useful package for placing graphics and tables wherever you want!

Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

I'm very confident that the only reason a big swath of websites work on anything other than #Chrome (Blink) is because Apple only allows #Safari on #iOS, so webdevs have to reluctantly test on multiple browsers and avoid Google's nonstandard features; for this reason only I hope Apple's able to avoid this proposed EU regulation and keep Blink off of iOS. I know it's anticompetitive, but it's actually the only thing preventing a total browser engine monoculture.

#Emacs 28.1 has been released. Some of the highlights:

- An Emacs launched before upgrading now exits cleanly after the upgrade
- Color emojis
- No more `y-or-no-p` hack
- M-x memory-report
- M-x submit-emacs-patch instead of M-x report-emacs-bug
- undo-redo (I use it in Evil)
- NonGNU ELPA enabled out of the box
- browse-url-handlers removes the need for setting browse-url-browser-function to an alist
- The profiler view no longer truncates items and displays usage counts at the left. Bonus: There is no customizable to get the old behavior back.
- fido-vertical-mode
- Lexical binding status displayed in mode line
- base-uri and user stylesheet support in SVG files
- "Loading dunnet.el in batch mode doesn't start the game any more."
- lisp-data-mode, transient.el and hierarchy.el are built-in now
- "Emacs now prints a backtrace when signaling an error in batch mode."
- Temporary buffers no longer run hooks slowing down Emacs unnecessarily

I recommend you to check out NEWS yourself, there's a lot more and this list is just my personal highlights.

@mmk2410 I also agree that sharing the posts only in FOSStodon is kind of demotivating because there are not many people here.

But maintaining my personally set quality of my posts is what's keeping me going (even if that's at the expense of not finishing this challenge).

I am against this:

> Posts don’t need to be long-form, deep, meaningful, or even that well written.

I want to write something that I would be proud of, and at the very least serve to document something for my future self.

Well, that's it! After 20 posts I decided to quit my project. To finish it off, I wrote a length blog post with the reasons behind this decision: mmk2410.org/2022/03/07/quittin

A little bit late this time, according to my schedule, but here it is! My next blog post. This time about personal finance with hledger: mmk2410.org/2022/03/05/hledger Day 19 of

It's been a while since my last Emacs package of the week and since I had no better topic aligned for today I decided to write a little bit about CRUX: mmk2410.org/2022/03/01/my-emac Day 18 of

@dascwo @kaushalmodi Thanks you both for your feedback! You're totally right. I edited too fast and didn't put enough attention on detail. I fixed it just now.

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I did some small tweaks to the design of my website and also needed a new post for today. The result? I show you both things at once ;) mmk2410.org/2022/02/23/small-c Day 16 of

A few weeks ago I wrote a few posts about publishing my Emacs configuration and stated that I need to decide about which solution to take and that I need to write some automation for publishing. Now I've done both: mmk2410.org/2022/02/20/another Day 15 of

Because I'm using Gitea to host my Git repos but use GitLab to run my CI/CD pipelines I need some solution for quickly mirroring the relevant repos. So I'm going back to using Git hooks for this: mmk2410.org/2022/02/17/mirrori Day 14 of

For some years I used for my tasks but then this approach slowly failed for me. Why this happend and what I want to do next could fill a blog post. An actually it does: mmk2410.org/2022/02/14/why-i-f Day 13 of

I wrote some Emacs Lisp code for improving my usage of Emacs tab-bar-mode yesterday and a corresponding blog post today: mmk2410.org/2022/02/11/using-e Day 12 of

On my search for a nice and more or less distraction-free editing environment in Emacs Org-mode I discovered a new package that might help me: org-appear. A perfect candidate for a "My Emacs package of the week" post: mmk2410.org/2022/02/05/my-emac Day 10 of

In search for the topic of my next blog post I made another small step improving my blogging workflow: I configured a GitLab CI Pipeline for building the blog (including the ox-hugo export): gitlab.com/mmk2410/mmk2410.org The related post will probably be out on Saturday.

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