It do feel like that at times.
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Feel free to boost, nerds. ^___^

@distractedmosfet SQLite does seem appropriate for small/medium traffic sites. I seem to recall some issues with Django migrations, but I need to research that more. I love PostgreSQL, but having one less server/service to manage is sure attractive...

Fedora Linux 36 is GO for release next Tuesday!

@cruzin Nice! Fedora is smooth on my X1 Yoga, but that carbon looks like a nice step up

Lovely Interview with Fedora Project Leader @mattdm on Tech Republic today "Fedora’s vision isn’t “our operating system running everywhere.” It’s for a world where open, inclusive communities work together on this grand shared project that benefits everyone."

@c_alpha I hadn't heard of it, but I have a use for it in the day job. Thanks!

@vwbusguy Yes, but *which* Genesis? Love pre-Abacab. Post-Duke is meh

There have been multiple cases of misleading reporting on Fedora Changes.

Usually it happens when "journalists" read Fedora announcements mailing list and see a Fedora Change proposal. Then they immediately publish a news article "Red Hat decided to implement a Change X in Fedora" and get away with it.


One of the coolest book projects I've come across recently: Standard Ebooks. They take public domain books, professionally typeset them, etc. Great stuff!

I suppose I should stop with the procrastination and do an .

I'm a longtime developer, (mostly Python and Django in recent years), ServiceNow admin at the day job, Emacs nerd, and Linux user (loving Fedora :fedora: these days). I'm interested in books, coffee, camping, free culture, and all sorts of other stuff. I'm looking forward to hanging out on Fosstodon!


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