@mmclark I'm doing some toy-programming at the moment of a server with a focus on trying to be very cheap and easy to self-host. And am using SQLite at the moment since it seemed like an obvious choice for a deliberately simple project. It's highly tested, simplifies the admin drastically, lowers the memory usage a bunch, seems to be quite a bit faster for simple cases with a bit of configuration (sj14.gitlab.io/post/2018/12-22).

@mmclark It's worth noting that this isn't actually outside of the SQLite projects goals. It's documentation already references that it's quite good for most small-to-medium websites, and the SQLite website *itself* uses it. The new thing is projects working on using it for much higher-load websites.

@distractedmosfet SQLite does seem appropriate for small/medium traffic sites. I seem to recall some issues with Django migrations, but I need to research that more. I love PostgreSQL, but having one less server/service to manage is sure attractive...

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