history of censorship question 

I've been thinking about the tension between free speech and censorship and other than a brief mention of Socrates (which somehow feels like muddying the waters?) I wasn't able to find anything about the history of this tension.

What forms did government censorship typically take before mass communication tech like the printing press and the internet, beyond leaders getting mad at dangerous popular speakers like Socrates?

history of censorship question 

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the office of Censor Librorum was also preserved following the Reformation particularly in countries that moved towards Lutheranism.

As these countries became more secular it often became a requirement for any newspapers to be registered at the Post Office (or other similar govt department) and as telecommunications developed the PTT administration (post, telegraph and telephone) also closely regulated and monitored their usage..


history of censorship question 

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During these times there was no secular state... So inquisition in general was definitely a tool used by "states", meaning the church and the nobility. After all, absolutism justified the power of rulers by their "divine rights"...

history of censorship question 

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some countries (like England) aren't even fully secular in the 21st century (although the modern Church of England is nowadays classed as socially liberal and much of it leans to the left of the current elected government!)

They did (and to an extent still do) have a lot of clout in early years education (having funded some of the first non fee paying schools) which is of course a very effective form of indoctrination..

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