Now the Mastostats bot is functional!

You can send a DM to mastostats, by mentioning the account in your status, then sending a command.
It will then reply to you with, for example, the info of the instance you are currently in, or the instances with the most registered users!

Use to list all available commands.

Source code:
License: MIT

Looking pretty darn good! 👍👍

Mastodon 3.0

In this exciting new release: Moving accounts, trending hashtags, private servers and more!

Apple's new iOS 13 includes 'Sign in With Apple' that allows you to login to supported apps more privately.

In this video, @JoannaStern explains why it is more private than reusing passwords, using weak passwords, or logging in with Facebook/Google.

Switched over to from vscode, glad someone already did this

Traffic heavily disrupted on the RATP network (Paris Métro, RER, tram/bus network) on September 13th due to a strike action:

Someone has released a GitHub fork of Python 2.7, but with features backported from Python 3. This seems like a huge mistake. The single biggest issue porting from Python 2 to 3 is that 2 treated text and binary data as the same thing (you can do `jpeg_data += 'lol'` and break stuff). If you fix those type errors in your code, you're already 90% of the way to being on 3. This fork allows people to drag their still-broken code down a side alley littered with weirdnesses of its own.

A strange message from "Spacedrop Bot" on Keybase:

Hi @mlaunois, those are free Lumens worth $21.07 USD, *and a surprise gift from Stellar*.
Because Keybase now supports the Stellar network (and therefore the cryptocurrency Lumens), everyone on Keybase is getting their share of 100 million Lumens, divided up equally.

Also there is a term I had to accept when reclaiming my Lumens, that forces me to spread the word 😮

Hello, it's a while I didn't post anything on Fosstodon!


Now I have a blog:

Homeworld SDL is a source port of the acclaimed 1999 3D real-time strategy game , that allows playing on most modern systems, including !

Have a copy of the game dusting on your shelf, and want to give it a try? Head over to

The original source code and compiled binaries of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0:

Facebook launches 'clear history' tool – but it won't delete anything

Facebook has launched its “clear history” feature more than a year after it was first promised by Mark Zuckerberg as part of damage control efforts after the Cambridge Analytica revelations. The new feature, part of a wider set of tools covering “off-Facebook activity”, will not delete anything from Facebook’s servers, instead simply “disconnecting” data from an individual user’s account.

Users of GitHub Pages: a security vulnerability has been found in the dependency "nokogiri":

"A command injection vulnerability in Nokogiri v1.10.3 and earlier allows commands to be executed in a subprocess via Ruby's method. Processes are vulnerable only if the undocumented method Nokogiri::CSS::Tokenizer#load_file is being called with unsafe user input as the filename."

Don't get trapped by your software! The Document Liberation Project helps you to access your documents with the software you want, such as LibreOffice – so you're not tied to one provider (vendor lock-in). Learn more about new releases:

My dearest Android users, do not stuck in Google's monopoly! Do not stuck in their ecosystem. Come out from that.

Learn how to get root access to your mobile device and try your best to move to an "Open Source" and bloatware free OS like LineageOS.

Never use Google Play or Play Services craps. They are spying on you!!! Try F-Droid & AuroraStore.

* Reflections from the field *

"I have deleted Windows 10 and installed Ubuntu. I will never use Windows again; Game Over.

Months of tweaking Windows 10: removing services, stopping processes, uninstalling apps, doing all sorts of hacks, I was done. Over. I can't handle this garbage anymore.

I made a final decision & switched to Linux Ubuntu.

I'm relieved.

I'm so surprised that people are still using Windows. Something is wrong."


Exercise: write a federated Q&A software in JavaScript.

Here is code for you to get started:

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